Despite a questionable record of television successes, Better call Saul has proven to be a worthy successor to Breaking bad. Like that show that came before, Better call Saul It is a fascinating look at a somewhat ordinary person who finds himself increasingly involved in a dangerous world.

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Since many of the show’s characters lean more toward villains than heroes, violence often erupts, sometimes in broad daylight. In some cases, the killing comes out of nowhere and cannot be prevented, and in other cases, those who commit the killing simply show that they are not worried about being caught.

10 Good samaritan

Mike (Jonathan Banks) in black suit with hat and metal detector in the desert

Both in this program and in Breaking badMike Ehrmantraut has established himself as a man who can get things done. So, when he sets out to kill Héctor Salamanca, he devises an intelligent strategy to see that mission accomplished.

Mike pulls out one of Hector’s delivery trucks, ties up the driver, and steals the drugs. He also leaves the driver in hopes that the police will find him and link him to Hector. However, Nacho tells Mike that a Good Samaritan found the driver first and untied him. In an effort to cover his tracks, Hector shot the Good Samaritan on the side of the road.

9 Espinosa Gang Guards

Cousin of Salamanca pointing a gun and covered in blood

While there are many intimidating people in Better call Saul, Salamanca’s cousins ​​have to be among the most ruthless. Even when outnumbered, these cousins ​​will put themselves in danger like a pair of Terminators.

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As Nacho watches from the car, he hopes the cousins ​​find some way to sneak into the gang’s hideout. Instead, they simply pull out knives and stab the guards to death. And that’s just the beginning of the carnage.

8 Espinosa gang member # 1

Nacho crouched with gun

Nacho is a character who has made many mistakes throughout the series, but it’s hard not to feel sorry for him as he finds himself involved in deeper danger. As Salamanca’s cousins ​​attack Espinosa’s gang in the middle of the day, more gang members show up to join the fight.

Probably fearing what will happen to him more than the cousins, Nacho reluctantly gets out of the car and arms himself. Despite being injured, he manages to sneak up on one of the gang members and shoot him before heading to the hideout.

7 Other members of Espinosa’s gang

Consequences of the shooting with corpses on the ground

Once inside the hiding place, Nacho sees that it is already a bloodbath with bodies everywhere and explosions exploding. It’s clear that Espinosa’s gang had a small army inside, but that didn’t seem to matter at all.

Nacho finds out about the cousins ​​pinned down by the remaining gangsters. As Nacho tries to gather the strength to join the fight, the other cousin appears and shoots the remaining enemies and then gives Nacho an approving nod.

6 Arturo Colon

Nacho holding his bleeding arm in the desert with Gus Fring's men behind him.

While this death actually takes place at night, it is worth including due to its aftermath. Once Héctor Salamanca is incapacitated, his men, Nacho and Arturo, meet Gus Fring. Arturo underestimates Fring and tries to put him in his place. That ends up being a bad idea, as Gus ties a paper bag to Arturo’s head and lets him suffocate.

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Fring then tells Nacho that he works for him now and helps organize the scene to explain Arturo’s death. In the middle of the day, on the side of the road, Fring’s men shoot Nacho’s car, shoot Arturo’s body, and even shoot Nacho in the arm to make it look credible.

5 Bullfighter

Gang member killed by Mike in the Bagman episode

Given the type of clients Saul works with, he tends to find himself in many compromising situations. After agreeing to collect and deliver some money for Lalo Salamanca, Saul is quickly stopped in the desert by rival gangsters.

After finding the money in Saul’s car, Chief gives Matador the signal to kill Saul. But before he can pull the trigger, Mike fires a sniper rifle from hiding, hitting Matador in the neck, which is when all hell breaks loose.

4 Boss


After killing Matador, Mike begins to take out the rest of the gangsters one by one while they have no idea where the shots are coming from. While several of the henchmen are also killed in this sequence, Boss is the most notable.

After blindly shooting his attacker, Chief gives Saul an annoyed look as if he knows he’s been hit. Then pick up the money bags and try to run to the car. Take about two steps before Mike shoots you in the chest.

3 Shark

Saul Goodman wearing an aluminum blanket in the desert with a car behind him.

Mike can kill most of the gangsters who try to steal Lalo’s money, but one man, Jaws, manages to escape in a truck. This kicks off one of the most tense and interesting episodes in the series, as Mike and Saul are trapped in the desert without a car and have to walk to safety.

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Meanwhile, Jaws is still out there, waiting for an opportunity to get the money from them. With the severe heat and no water, Saul decides to make a risky move. He goes out into the open field on the desert road so Shark can see him. While trying to run over Saul, Mike shoots him, causing his car to overturn.

two Ximenez Lecerda

Poster truck driver pointing gun

While Mike is generally doing bad things for the right reasons, there are times when he doesn’t seem to fully think about the consequences of his actions. For example, stealing Héctor Salamanca’s truck does hurt Héctor, but ultimately, it is the driver who pays.

Indeed, while Mike spies on Héctor’s operations, he sees that the driver he tied up, Ximénez Lecerda, is taken to the desert and executed.

1 Fred whalen

Lalo walking into a TravelWire branch

There are so many great villains in this Breaking bad universe, but Héctor Salamanca could be the most entertaining. It is featured in season 4 and immediately added an unpredictable element to the show.

While tracking down Mike, Lalo stops at a travel agency where Mike also visited. He tries to get information from the secretary who suspects him. Instead, Lalo kills the innocent young man and seems totally unconcerned even when other customers are knocking on the door outside.

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