Cobra Kai season 4 will be more ruthless, thanks to a trailer confirming that Terry Silver will return for the Karate Kid spinoff series.

The teaser trailer for Cobra Kai Season 4 hints that the next installment will be even more ruthless and violent, thanks to the influence of Terry Silver. On May 27, 2021, Netflix uploaded a promotion for the next season of Cobra Kai which confirms one of the main theories of fans: the return of Terry Silver. The Cobra Kai The season 3 finale set up a dojo war to be the main conflict going forward, with the suspenseful twist of John Kreese calling in an old war buddy as reinforcement. Turns out that friend was definitely Terry Silver, and he’ll be the next big villain in Cobra Kai.

Terry Silver has long been expected to appear in the Karate kid sequel series. Silver was the main villain in The Karate Kid Part III. The brief glimpse, appropriately titled “Terry Silver Returns,” shows a mysterious man with a gray ponytail, as Terry’s dialogue from the film plays. Clearly, this is meant to indicate that actor Thomas Ian Griffith will reprise the role in Cobra Kai season 4, and will play a similar role in the main story as it does in Karate Kid 3 – to intervene for Kreese and mark the brutality. At the end of the trailer, the text even says “now the real pain begins.

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On The Karate Kid Part IIISilver is introduced as Kreese’s old friend and wealthy businessman who founded Cobra Kai. After suffering repeated humiliating defeats, Kreese reaches out to Silver; Silver sends the disgraced sensei on vacation, and he assumes a leadership role in Cobra Kai, seeking to repair the reputation of the dojo and also take revenge on Daniel and Mr. Miygai. Cobra Kai Season 4 seems to repeat this, but with The Karate Kid 3 villain who corrupts the new generation of students, including Robbie.

Terry Silver in Cobra Kai Season 4 Poster

The plot of The Karate Kid: Part III involves Terry Silver manipulating Daniel and Mr. Miyagi for revenge; Daniel is essentially tricked into becoming Silver’s student, and his evil influence corrupts the young man away from his former sensei, Miygai. Finally, Daniel sees the error of his ways and, with the help of Miyagi, comes out the victor at the end of the film. Still, Silver remains one of the franchise’s most menacing villains – while sharing Kreese’s “no mercy” philosophy, Silver goes further. As the Cobra Kai shows the season 4 trailer, Silver previously advocated blinding and suffocating the opponent, suggesting “extreme situations require extreme measures.“It’s hard to overestimate how far he and Kreese will go to ‘defeat’ the students of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang.

Silver raising the stakes on the Karate kid The sequel continues the show’s trend of increasing stakes with each installment. The show began with the renewed rivalry between Daniel and Johnny, but has since erupted: first it led to the massive high school brawl in season 2, and then LaRusso’s house was trashed in season 3. Some argue that Cobra Kai Season 3 took the violence too far, but according to the trailer, Cobra Kai Season 4 will be even more ruthless and brutal.

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