Golf Story is a great standalone RPG tied to one of the original Mario Golf games. Like Super Rush, it is a sports game that has a story mode.

Sports RPGs are an unusual genre, and there are only a handful of them, but Golf history it is possibly the best so far. This indie game 2017 is a blast to play and reminiscent of the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf it had a Story mode. The new Mario Golf: Super Rush will go back to its roots with a similar story mode, but if you can’t wait to give it a try, check it out Golf history. You won’t be disappointed by this indie gem.

Golf history It has a unique storyline and is comical in its writing and delivery, all while challenging in its main game and has fun side missions. They are not all strictly related to golf, either. It has been done very well and is reflected in the success it has had with sales and gaining a fan base. There is a lot to enjoy in this game, and it will keep you coming back even after. Mario Golf: Super Rush’s launch.

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It tells the story of a young man who returned to his golfing roots by taking his father’s clubs and participating in a competition at the old club where they played together. He must work to earn his place, but from there, he goes on to compete in other clubs, such as world championships, to reach the top. Your coach is there to help you along the way, as are some other unique characters with their own goals. However, it is not so much the typical rag power of a group of friends. All are mostly independent or compete with the main character in a comical way.

The writing is excellent not only with golf jokes, but also with puns, digs, and fun text animations, which really sells delivery. Text is typed as you would in a chat and sometimes backs up to remove a comment, made small like a whisper or bubble with a slant to indicate discomfort or doubt. It is an excellent device for conveying dialogue in a pixel style game with simple sprites. The graphic style fits the game perfectly, and the menus definitely have some connection to the original Mario Golf.

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The game primarily revolves around golf, but finds other uses for the actions involved in it. There will be times when the player will have to use their sticks to dig up treasures and can place balls on the ground almost anywhere to press buttons and unlock secrets. There are even missions to play golf or practice off the greens of the main club and help other NPCs in various ways. There are even minigames, including an Atari-style golf game called “Galf.” Leveling up and getting new equipment in the form of various clubs is also part of the RPG experience. There is a lot to do in this little indie game.

A second game is currently in development, called Sports Story, which will have more than just golf and looks like a promising follow-up. For now, however, Golf history It’s fun to come back and a great intermission until Mario’s next golf RPG is released. Yes Mario Golf: Super Rush doesn’t have enough RPG in its story mode, or you need more golf, just remember that Golf history will be there for you.

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