Since many of the relationships did not age well, the new viewers of Gossip Girl they’ve come across different opinions than those who watched the show in 2007. Chuck and Blair were the fan favorite couple when the teen drama aired, but over the years, viewers have started to send Blair out with their rival become the best. friend, Dan Humphry.

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Dan and Blair’s friendship, and eventual romance, was a major pillar of the second half of the show. Although Blair married Chuck in the series finale, and Dan was revealed to be Gossip Girl in a pointless twist, Blair and Dan still felt like the characters with the deepest connection. There were several quotes throughout the six seasons, highlighting how much Dan and Blair cared about each other.

10 “It was nice not being your friend.” “Let’s not do it again sometime.”

No one was as surprised by Dan and Blair’s friendship as the two of them. They always thought that they were completely opposites that they were from two different worlds, and they collided in almost everything.

Once they realized how similar they were, they desperately tried to fight their connection and remain enemies. They decide to cancel their fledgling friendship, but all the scene does is show how concerned they are that what is between them may be real.

9 “I just need to know that you will be there for me.” “Forever.”

gossip girl dan and blair

Serena and Chuck were the closest people to Blair, but she could never count on them. All it took was an argument to turn her and Serena against each other, and Chuck would find ways to lash out at Blair when they weren’t together. Once Blair befriended Dan, she found someone who loved her unconditionally.

Whether they were friends or more, Dan would drop everything at any moment and help her. He even drove the getaway car when Blair fled her wedding and tried to leave the country to annul her marriage.

8 “Dan is my best friend and when we are together he is great. I feel strong and safe.”

There was an interesting pattern in Gossip Girl It seemed like it was there for a reason. Chuck and Blair’s love affair was always portrayed as dark and toxic, and Blair admits that Chuck makes her feel like a weak child. She is the most miserable with him, but she is also the happiest with him when things are going well. Dan and Blair’s relationship was built on a deep foundation of love, and whoever ends up Blair shouldn’t just be his partner, but his best friend.

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Dorota has a happy and healthy relationship with her husband, and Blair is envious of what they share. It makes Blair realize that she wants pure and simple love, which is exactly what she and Dan are understood to have. It is disappointing that Gossip Girl it emphasized the beauty of healthy love, only to put Blair back with a man who mentally and physically abused her.

7 “What if I lose everything?” “You still have me.”

Dan’s unconditional love for Blair was the highlight of their relationship. There was literally nothing Blair could do to make Dan give up on her. Blair trusted Dan more than anyone, and he knew all of her deepest and darkest secrets.

Blair was able to get through one of the most difficult times of her life because Dan was there for her every step of the way. She could rest easy knowing that no matter what happened, she would always have Dan by her side, whether as a friend or more.

6 “If you’re that boy with Serena, how could she not love you?”

Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl.

Wanting her two best friends to be happy on Valentine’s Day, Blair tries to get Dan and Serena back together. Serena agrees, but Dan had been secretly in love with Blair for quite some time. Completely oblivious to Dan’s feelings for her, she enthuses him by recounting all the amazing things he has done for her.

When he asks how Serena couldn’t love him, it seemed like Blair was simultaneously hinting that all of those things its fall in love with Dan. There is a charged moment between them where they both seem to reflect on what Blair had just said.

5 “He cares about you. Not despite who you are, but because of it.”

It wasn’t until Blair was forced to do a live reading of Dan’s book that she finally realized how much Dan cared about her. It revealed that Dan had done things for her that she wasn’t even aware of, and she had never asked him for credit.

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Blair Waldorf has many negative traits, and instead of ignoring them, Dan loves them because it makes Blair who he is. The wheels turn on Blair’s head as she is on stage and she says, “Dan loves me for me,” before she rushes out to find him.

4 “It is as if he has looked into my soul.”

Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl.

Blair was right to be nervous about marrying Louis, as there was more than one red flag in their relationship. When Blair finds a copy of her vows, all her fears disappear. They make her realize how much Louis loves her, and what she says resonates so deeply with Blair that she tells Serena that she looked into her soul.

What Blair didn’t know at the time was that they were the words of Dan, who had written Louis’s vows at his request. Dan then says that he simply wrote what he assumed Loui would love about her, but it was clear that everything he said came from his own heart. The full version of Dan’s votes was even posted on demand on Twitter.

3 “That girl is fiercely strong. Independent. Frank. Beautiful. Capable of anything. And no man or magazine should be able to take that away from her.”

Blair had been through a lot Gossip Girl, and there came a point where he no longer knew who he was. She admits that Chuck traded her for a hotel and married royalty made her lose her true self. Fortunately, Dan is there to remind you.

There is no power imbalance in their relationship, as Dan knows how independent Blair is and admires her for it. She also knows that there is no man in the world who can take her strength away forever, and tells her that the real Blair Waldorf is closer than she thinks. It’s exactly what Blair needed to hear, and Dan’s faith in her helps her find her way back to herself.

two “Our relationship is not about choosing one world or another. Our relationship is our world. We are a team.”

Dan and Blair kiss on Gossip Girl.

Dan was from Brooklyn, while Blair was from the Upper East Side. Their class difference made them look down on each other, and that was what originally made them enemies.

The more they got to know each other, the more they realized that class shouldn’t be a factor in their relationship. They do not need to be placed in separate categories as they function as a single unit. Dan telling Blair that the two are a team further exemplifies the equality between them.

1 “I told Chuck that he no longer has my heart. I realized that it belongs to someone else.”

After a few seasons of wanting it or not, Blair made a decision between Chuck and Dan. Dan has a lot of flaws and was expecting her to run for the hills when Chuck revealed that he released the video at Louis’s wedding. Of course, he did it with good intentions, but it had the opposite effect.

Instead of getting rid of Dan like Chuck wanted, Blair goes to Brooklyn, aware of everything he’s done. Blair knows Dan’s heart and realizes that while she will always love Chuck, she is not in love with him. She confesses her feelings to Dan, and the sheer joy on their faces was refreshing, given how long Blair had been trapped in Chuck’s darkness.

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