The Grand Theft Auto universe is full of great characters; however, some of them don’t need to return for another round when GTA 6 is released.

When Grand theft auto 6 is finally announced, fans around the world will likely be looking forward to seeing one or two of their favorite recurring characters appear again. Characters like Patrick McReary, Ken Rosenberg, and Johnny Klebitz have become used to appearing in various entries in the series. However, not all characters need to return in later entries. Some characters had an arc that doesn’t need a second act, and some are just plain bad characters to begin with. Regardless, some Grand Theft Auto the characters just don’t need to be seen again.

For the most part, the characters below played supporting roles in the past. Grand Theft Auto games; however, one of the main protagonists who probably doesn’t need to return is Trevor. His unhinged personality did a good job of giving the player a chance to go crazy in GTA 5open world. That being said, their demeanor can creep up as the game progresses. In addition, much of his behavior borders on intimidation, especially with the treatment he gives Wade. The nail in the coffin is that its bow seems closed at the end of Grand theft auto 5. He could make an appearance at any GTA 6the version of GTA Online it is, but there doesn’t seem to be much to gain from his return to the main story.

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Other GTA 5 The character who feels her arc is complete is Amanda De Santa. Michael’s wife had a story that developed her character and gave Rockstar Games a chance to explore a troubled marriage with her trademark sarcasm. However, it seemed like they had fully explored everything they could with Amanda and Michael, making her a character that is probably not worth going back to. It might make sense to bring your whole family here, but Jimmy had a lot of fun GTA Online – although it would have to grow a little.

Which Grand Theft Auto Characters Shouldn’t Return?

Amanda and Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V

One more character GTA Online Players would probably like to get rid of Simeon Yetarian. The player’s “uncle” in multiplayer is one of the most annoying characters in the game, constantly calling players to tell them about a new job. Since he only had a limited role in the Grand Theft Auto story, should be replaced by another less irritating character in GTA 6online mode.

While this list is heavy GTA 5 characters, it is also important to look at other games, especially with GTA 6 rumored to take place in Vice city. That game was full of memorable characters, but it would be best to skip some of them if Rockstar returns. For example, Aunt Poulet was one of the most interesting characters in Vice city, but her voice actor sadly passed away in 2016. It would be difficult for Rockstar to replace Miss Cleo with someone else given her fame in the late 90s. The same goes for Steve Scott, who was played by Dennis Hopper. It would be better to leave these characters with the iconic voices they originally had, rather than rephrase them.

The Grand Theft Auto The universe is full of memorable characters, but most of them are better as unique. Rockstar Games has proven its ability to create full character arcs that don’t need a second act. Instead of, Grand theft auto 6 It would be better if you created whole new characters to build the story of the game.

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