WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Good Doctor. Season 4, Episode 20, “Let’s Go,” which aired Monday on ABC.

The end of The good doctor Season 3 was emotional, to say the least. But entering its fourth season, the show had a new sense of normalcy, with the surgical residents at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital finally getting their way. Sure, Shaun and his friends went through a fair amount of hardship this year, but better people came out of it.

Now, heading into season 5, some massive changes to the status quo have arrived, including the departure of dear friends, new romances, and major steps being taken. With that said, let’s look at all the ways The good doctor organize your next outing.

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Shaun and Lea’s future

At the beginning of season 4, Shaun and Lea were in the early days of their relationship after Lea finally admitted her feelings for Shaun. The couple had to learn to navigate each other’s lives, something that was made more difficult when Lea got a job at the hospital. But eventually, they would find a good balance, at least until Lea dropped the bomb that she was pregnant.

The later half of season 4 saw the couple face parenthood head-on, with Shaun having a hard time connecting with his son. Sadly, after struggling, tragedy struck when Lea lost the baby due to a complication. Shaun and Lea head to Guatemala in the finale, hoping to learn how to move on, and after a difficult journey, they finally get back together, so much so that Lea asks Shaun to marry her.

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Claire’s new role

Season 4 has been incredibly tough for Claire, who lost Dr. Melendez right after admitting she had feelings for him. Trying to overcome her heartbreak, she immersed herself in her work, helping those who lost people to the coronavirus pandemic to reconnect. However, after finding inner peace, Claire’s life falls back into chaos due to her father’s sudden resurgence.

Having not seen the man since she was a child, Claire discovers that her father has cancer and is refusing treatment. She gives him some tough love, which convinces him to seek help, and the two begin to solve their problems. This development put Claire in good stead for the trip to Guatemala, where she would thrive during the surgical team’s ten-day mission. Things are going so well, in fact, that he decides to take a senior position at the local hospital, leaving his friends in San José behind for a wonderful opportunity.

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The marriage of Dr. Andrews

Dr. Marcus Andrews has been a staple of The good doctor right from the start, but he’s not always the nicest guy. During Shaun’s early years in the hospital, Andrews was a constant thorn in his side, at least until the two finally began seeing each other face-to-face in season 3. That positive change would carry over into season 4, with Andrews taking the lead. place of Meléndez. on the surgical staff along with all residents.

But after dealing with Covid-19 and all the other hardships it brought this year, Andrews’ marriage is strained behind the scenes. During the trip to Guatemala, he begins to flirt with a local nurse, which attracts the attention of some of his friends. Finally, Andrews reveals that his wife moved out of the house and that he is just trying to find happiness again. While season 4 doesn’t offer any resolution to your marital problems, the show’s next outing will certainly touch on where your love life will go.

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Lim’s burgeoning romance

On the topic of love lives, after being diagnosed with PTSD and surviving the hardships of the pandemic, Lim heads to Guatemala with a new sense of purpose. She quickly befriends Dr. Rendon at the local hospital, and after initially bumping heads, the two begin a fast-paced romance that spans both episodes of the two-part finale.

Things get tough when Rendon begins to notice that Lim is hiding parts of herself from him, but eventually reveals her PTSD diagnosis and they reconcile. Lim’s reveal also prompts Rendon to make one of his own, telling Lim that the only reason he hasn’t returned to the United States is because of an active arrest warrant. Wanting to show his devotion, he tells her that he plans to clear it up and wants to visit her in the future.

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Park and Morgan finally admit their feelings

After nearly three full seasons of hating us, the season 4 finale of The good doctor finally makes a breakthrough in Park and Morgan’s relationship. After overcoming the pandemic together, Park and Morgan decide to become roommates, which of course leads them to connect. This lasts for a few episodes until Park decides that he wants more from the relationship. Morgan, being who he is, shoots Park, forcing him to end the friendship and try to find love elsewhere.

This arrangement remains in effect for Guatemala, where Park and Morgan’s relationship is once again put to the test. With a patient in need of emergency surgery and no surgeon available, Morgan takes on the case despite severe arthritis. She makes most of the way through the surgery, but Park has to take over to finish it. While Morgan feels like a failure, Park assures him that he did something noble. It’s not long after the two admit their feelings for each other, setting up another romance for season 5.

Created by David Shore, The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore, Antonio Thomas, Richard Schiff, Paige Spara, Fiona Gubelmann, Will Yun Lee, and Christina Chang. New episodes air Mondays at 10 pm ET / PT on ABC.

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