In the Heights is a musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton. We break down whether the musical in the movie is appropriate for all ages given its rating.

In the heights It will finally be released after a year delay, but is it suitable for children or was the movie made with adults in mind? The musical first debuted on Broadway in 2008 and has since held strong with national tours and general praise for the book and music, which was written by From Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda. After a long journey to the big screen, audiences can finally head to the heart of New York for a Carnaval del Barrio.

Set in the middle of a heat wave in July, Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) tells a group of children the history of Washington Heights and its people, including his friends Vanessa (Melissa Barrera), Nina (Leslie Grace) and Benny (Corey). Hawkins). . Directed by Jon M. Chu, In the heights It is expected to have a spectacular summer impact, as it tells the stories of various characters in the Latin American community. Music, dance and celebrations of life and culture await you. Thanks to COVID-19 and last year’s room closures, the film is one of many that will debut simultaneously in theaters and on the HBO Max streaming service, where it will be available for 30 days.

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In the heights it is officially classified as PG-13. The “13” part of the rating is not necessarily an encouraging sign that the movie is fine for children to watch, but the ratings can be confusing considering its limitations; it always depends on the reasons why the movie has received a particular rating. In the case of In the heightsThe movie does have some suggestive references, but the romantic exchanges between Usnavi and Vanessa, Nina, and Benny play off some harmless flirtations and sighs that occur. Suggestive references themselves are just a flash on the radar and not too much on the nose that kids will necessarily pick up on. There are also some very mild curses in the movie, but no F-bombs are dropped every turn or anything. Once again, the use of profanity in the film is miniscule, with a “damn” that is dropped here or there in passing (and especially in stressful situations).

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Also, Usnavi is telling his entire story to children throughout the film and that only speaks to his accessibility to younger audiences. They are fascinated with the story, and the children who see the movie are likely to be too. All of this to say that the musical film is ultimately safe for children to watch. There is a lot of singing and dancing, meek jokes, and serious moments throughout, including some tension between parents and children, but it is the kind of movie that generally satisfies everyone, as it is genuinely hopeful and happy. While musicals like In the woods had some obviously scary moments and dark themes, and Rent Y Chicago they were certainly more adult-oriented musicals with their theme, In the heights it has a style, a story and songs that are very familiar.

The movie is summery fun wrapped up in a movie, with an electric energy and musical rhythms that children are likely to find engaging and singing afterward. It is possible that much of the audience of In the heights They will be adults, but there is nothing in the film that is inherently inappropriate for children. Warner Bros. hopes the musical adaptation will resonate with audiences of all ages. It’s an event movie and certainly the kind of viewing experience in the theater or at home that adults should feel safe watching and enjoying with children.

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