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As one of Japan’s most prominent horror mangaka, Junji Ito is responsible for conjuring up some of the scariest and most disturbing creatures ever imagined. The celebrated scribe and artist best known for his work on such esteemed titles as Tomie, Gyo, Y Uzumaki recently won a 2019 Eisner Award for its adaptation of Mary Shelley Frankenstein.

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Later this year, Ito’s famous manga series Uzumaki is slated to be adapted by Adult Swim’s Toonami programming as a black and white anime series. With a plethora of options to help prepare avid fans and casual readers alike, Junji Ito’s scariest killer creations to date are ranked based on how disturbing they are.

10 Hanging balloons

Floating heads on Junji Ito's hanging balloons

According to, He was inspired for “The Hanging Balloons” from a childhood dream. The deadly creatures in the story of the same name are made up of severed heads that float like balloons and chase their real-life counterpart.

In the story, each living person has a hanging globe that reflects his own face. These balloons are attached to long ropes that are used to hunt down the person they resemble and attempt to kill them. If a person kills one of the floating balloons, they also die in a horrible and gruesome way.

9 Doll Disease – Hell O’Dollies

Mutated doll in Junji Ito's Hell O'Dollies

In addition to directly endangering children, the hideous doll disease in Ito’s tale “Hell O’Dollies” grows more terrifying with each page that turns. The reason the disease is slowly transforming innocent and lovable-looking children into ultra-monstrous monstrosities.

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A mysterious disease begins to turn young Maria into a wooden doll who slowly turns into a mutated creature defined by cracked skin, large, sharp fangs, swollen eyeballs, emaciated appendages, unkempt hair, and tentacular tongues protruding from her jaws. malignant.

8 Head with long hair – Long hair in the attic

Junji Ito head with long hair

While The Peepers and The Woman in the Window deserve a wicked mention, there is something scarier about the Head with the Long Hair than seen in Ito’s “Long Hair in the Attic.”

The story is about a young girl whose long jet black hair grows wildly out of control and brutally harasses people. After its death, the soulless disembodied zombie head with spider-like strands of hair runs across the ceilings and walls like a predatory arachnoid. The idea itself is as mortifying as the creature’s physical appearance.

7 The Dreamer – The Long Sleep

Junji Ito's Dreamer

One of the most unsettling things about The Dreamer in Ito’s “The Long Dream” is the horrible things that happen to the main character in his most innocent and vulnerable moment of rest. The story is about a man who falls asleep for a few hours, while his brain ages 10 years in the process.

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While sleeping, the man has no idea that his body is continually mutating into a grotesque otherworldly creature with an elongated, tumescent head, worm-like neck, sunken eyes, and eerie dermatological growth. Worse still, the more he dreams, the more he mutates.

6 Caterpillar of the Ancestors – My dear ancestors

Junji Ito's Ancestor Caterpillar

Similar to the Giant Seaworm from “Out of its Element,” the Caterpillar of the Ancestors from “My Dear Ancestors” takes insect terror to a whole new level. The highly disturbing visuals are combined with the monster’s MO manipulator.

The creature is made up of all the disembodied heads of Japan’s wisest ancestors, connected together like a great monstrosity resembling a human centipede. While the human end of the caterpillar and glides like a snake, the ancestral heads have the ability to transmit knowledge from one to another.

5 Tomie Mutation – Tomie

Junji Ito's Tomie mutated

As one of Ito’s most notorious monster creations, Tomie is a terrifying succubus in her own right. However, the mutated Tomie abomination caused by a science experiment increases the horror quotient tenfold.

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The experiment occurs when a doctor decides to test Tomie’s regenerative properties. The result backfires and transmutes Tomie into a gigantic amorphous blob with more than 10 heads, rearranged limbs, and a terrifying larval-shaped severed tail that resembles a mutated insectoid.

4 United Women – The City Without Streets

Junji Ito is the city without streets

In the story “The City Without Streets”, Ito mortifies readers with the introduction of The United Women, a deeply disturbing creature that appears to be several hospital patients connected by a mouth full of repulsive eel-like tentacles with pointed tips that are used to impale the victims.

The creature is a sentient, hive-minded monster, connected by a series of nerve fibers that it uses to kill victims and suck their blood. If one of the strange white-eyed patients disconnects from the nerves, she will die.

3 The Walking Shark – Gyo

Junji Ito's Walking Shark

Considering that galleophobia, the fear of sharks, is one of the most pervasive fears in human history, Ito’s creation of The Walking Shark in Gyo it is the stuff of legitimate nightmares. Just as it sounds, the killer Great White Shark can walk on all fours and stalk human victims on land and at sea.

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Using four artificial spider legs for walking, the relentless killing machine and unstoppable alpha predator fuse the menacing iconography of an ancient sea creature with that of an exotic arachnoid, the combination of which terrifies readers to no end.

two Cannibal Boy – Haunted House

Junji Ito's Haunted House Cannibal

Cannibal Boy’s diabolical and manic face is among Ito’s two most terrifying creatures to date. Appearing as the evil zombified offspring of Babadook, childhood innocence is subverted to unhealthy and sinister ends.

Left alone on a hideously doomed farm, Cannibal Boy will devour any brave or unconscious intruder who crosses his path. Marked by long rows of sharp fangs, protruding eyeballs, an oddly long triangular tongue, and sharp, dirty claws,

1 Fuchi – Fashion Model

Junji Ito's fashion model

By Ito’s own admission during an interview with, Fuchi from The Fashion Model is the most haunting creature of the famous mangaka to date.

Appearing as the main villain in Rumors and a fashion model, Fuchi is a seductive cannibal serial killer defined by a maniacal grin, bloody face, sharp claws, fangs, and her insatiable penchant for human blood. His tall, gaunt figure and bony cheeks give him a deceptively weak appearance that he uses to prey on his victims.

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