It is different in each project, right? So feature-wise, you have a little more resources to build the world because Disney Animation really prides itself on being authentic and doing our research and creating worlds that are believable and that you really want to get into. As an audience member, like with Big Hero 6, I wanted to get on Baymax’s back and fly around town. But in shorts, you don’t have it, you have a small team and you have to figure out how to get the most out of the work you are doing. So at the beginning of this movie, we said to our team, anything that we’ve used in any other movie is fair game. And we have a library of things that they can search for, and then we change it enough to fit our world. So that’s a design, you have your design language from this world. And if we can take a part of one of our other movies and then just tweak the design language and it fits, that’s what we want, because then we get more stuff.

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