Binge, a new on-demand streaming service that focuses on the world of video games, was revealed during the biggest week of the year in video games.

A new streaming service focused on video games called Drunkenness has been revealed days before E3 2021. Like the hit Netflix adaptations of Castlevania Y The Wizard As they’ve shown, gaming franchises can be big business in the streaming world, but they didn’t just start with these massive shows. Players spend hundreds of hours with their favorite AAA franchises, and that love doesn’t end when they leave control. Instead, entire communities have sprung up around the production of specific content for gaming fan bases, as well as subcultures like retro gaming and virtual reality.

This type of video content was always a factor on YouTube, but it exploded when Twitch came on the scene and democratized the Let’s Play format. Suddenly, any game with an active player base would likely have at least a handful of players streaming the game to an audience on the platform. As this content became more and more mainstream, those with more professional setups created regularly scheduled shows that didn’t look out of place when G4 was a cable channel.

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Drunkenness hopes to capitalize on the growing demand for these types of programs with a line of on-demand programs covering games large and small. The service has already partnered with content creators and publishers to create content that “respects the fans and the games that inspire them,” led by content director Allan Ungar, whom players can meet by his Unexplored fan movie starring Nathan Fillion.

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Binge Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Cody Hackman had the following to say about Binge’s mission and the type of content players will find on the service:

What sets Binge apart is that we are bridging the gap between gaming and traditional entertainment, bringing together the best of both worlds. With our vast experience and expertise in production, games, and development, we are fully committed to delivering high-quality content that respects the games we love.

Hackman reveals that Binge will have more to share about the content of the service in the coming months, but did not elaborate on the type of programming that players would watch. Reaching out to both content creators and game companies could lead to anything from deep dives in developing a game hosted by a face familiar to Twitch viewers to something more akin to fantasy flights in the universe. from Netflix. The service confirms that it will launch in 2022 and offer “significant rewards” for groups of viewers who stay together at what Binge calls Squad Parties. The service also expects to be on TV, mobile devices, game consoles, and all forms of home computers at launch.

The idea of ​​a Netflix-style service focused solely on game content seems like a niche, but Drunkenness you already have some things in your field that could allow you to be successful. The idea of ​​offering rewards to frequent viewers could reflect both Twitch deliveries and Prime Gaming giveaways, giving gamers dedicated to live service games a reason to stay tuned. However, the real proof of Binge will likely come when they reveal their content line. If they can live up to their claims and produce authentic gaming shows on the line of channels like Noclip, Bing will already be ahead of the game.

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