Grand Moff Tarkin was a key figure in the rise of the Empire, and the First Order honored his contribution in a secret Easter egg from The Force Awakens.

The First Order paid tribute to Wilhuff Tarkin in The awakening of the force… although you may not have noticed. When the Star Wars As the sequel to the trilogy begins, the First Order is rapidly gaining momentum in its quest for galactic dominance. While the names and faces may have changed, the First Order is the Empire in every way. Picking up where the old guard left off, the First Order is led by a wrinkled old Force user and a brash young apprentice with a penchant for black, their government is backed by an army of failed Stormtroopers, and the entire organization takes a direction vision of democracy.

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But just as the First Order owes much to the Empire, the Empire owes a debt of its own to Wilhuff Tarkin. Famously played by Peter Cushing in the original 1977 Star Wars In the movie, Grand Moff Tarkin is the ruthless Imperial in charge of the Death Star, and one of the few officers capable of controlling Darth Vader. Through The Clone Wars, The bad lot, Rogue one Y Tarkin, the role of the villain in the establishment of the Empire has expanded considerably. Tarkin pioneered the Stormtroopers over clones (perhaps not his prime), prosecuted the Jedi Ahsoka Tano, and led destructive campaigns on Lothal and Mon Cala.

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With such an impressive resume (from one point of view), it is surprising that the First Order does not give Tarkin more importance. Kylo Ren worships at Darth Vader’s altar, and Supreme Leader Snoke is a Palpatine clone in more ways than one – why isn’t Tarkin’s contribution honored? Although far from obvious, The awakening of the force nods to the greatest of the Grand Moffs. First of all, the TIE fighter squad stationed at Starkiller Base is called “Tarkin’s Revenge.” The title is not actually revealed in The awakening of the force itself; the ships just show up and shatter shortly after … not unlike Tarkin himself. Instead, the reference was confirmed in the 2016 linking book. Complete locations.

TIE Fighters Starkiller Base in Star Wars Force Awakens

The awakening of the force adds another homage to hidden Tarkin, this time to the uniforms of the First Order. The ranks of officers of the First Order are indicated by a specific color uniform, and each color has a name embroidered on the cuff. These names translate to various “heroes” of the Empire, and the rank of Major (the teal uniform) takes the name “Tarkin.” Again, the detail was only confirmed after the fact (via The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary). Through ship names and uniform embroidery, the First Order more which pays homage to Grand Moff Tarkin, and the hidden details serve to highlight the amount of supplemental materials that can be added to the main film series.

Although Tarkin was certainly an ambitious individual, he was not particularly selfish and would have been more concerned with the strategies and successes of the First Order than where his name was stitched. That said, “Tarkin’s Revenge” is clearly a reference to the character’s disappearance during the Battle of Yavin. Luke Skywalker’s expertly placed torpedo detonated the Death Star and sent Tarkin with it, depriving the Grand Moff of his revenge. The awakening of the force‘TIE Fighter Squadron takes Tarkin’s restless ghost into the future, where the fallen legend may finally be avenged. That was the intention, at least. Actually, Poe Dameron blew them all up.

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