When Wonder Woman’s journey to Valhalla draws to a conclusion, the Amazon has one final decisive encounter with DCU’s Thor.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wonder Woman # 773, by Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Travis Moore, Tamra Bonvillain and Pat Brosseau, out now.

Since he defeated the Darkest Knight in the climactic final battle of the crossover event. Dark Nights: Death MetalWonder Woman embarked on her own odyssey through the reborn DC Multiverse. After completing her journey, Diana Prince found herself not back in the Greek pantheon on Mount Olympus or on her home island of Themsycira in the Amazon, but in the Norse afterlife of Valhalla.

Faced with the familiar Norse gods of Asgard in this strange realm, Diana took on several of her Scandinavian counterparts, including Thor’s iteration of the DC Universe, and made quick work of this Thunder God’s hammer.

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Wonder Woman Mjolnir

Compared to his opposite number from the Marvel Universe, the DCU Thor is a rude and boisterous individual who delights in bloody combat as much as he indulges in wine, women, and song after each victorious battle. Given this Thor’s chauvinistic tendencies, he and Wonder Woman were immediately natural rivals, eventually coming to blows, with the original iteration of the DCU character going so far as to bind Diana in chains forged by her mythical hammer Mjolnir. And while Wonder Woman and Thor have one last confrontation before Amazon’s superhero finally escapes Valhalla to return home, Diana finally gets her ultimate revenge on that earlier Golden Age adventure.

As Wonder Woman ventures into the Fortress of the Valkyries to discover a way to heal the Norse World Tree Yggdrasil and prevent Valhalla from being ruined, Thor led a contingent of Asgardian warriors to attack. As the battle rages on, the sight reminds Diana of her identity and her past after losing herself through untold cycles trapped within Valhalla. As Thor threatens the Valkyries, Wonder Woman easily disarms the God of Thunder and effortlessly crushes her trusty Mjolnir hammer between her hands like an aluminum can. Heartbroken and defeated, Thor is finally able to hear Wonder Woman’s words of wisdom and retreat to allow her to complete her quest and save Valhalla from her curse.

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Wonder Woman crushes Mjolnir

Wonder Woman’s magical and mysterious tour through the Norse pantheon has finally come to an end and not without the Amazon having a chance to show how much more powerful she is compared to the Asgardian God of Thunder. Not content simply to lift Mjolnir, Wonder Woman has taken the time to crumple him up before the eyes of the horrified Norseman as she continues to fight for peace and justice, no matter what realm she is in. And with Diana Prince released from her ethereal prison. The adventures of Wonder Woman’s Infinite Frontier era have only just begun to take shape as she emerges from Valhalla and her endless cycle.

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