WARNING: The following contains important spoilers for Awake, now broadcasting on Netflix.

From Netflix Awake is another sci-fi / horror movie that puts humanity on the brink of apocalypse when a solar flare hits, disrupting the planet’s electromagnetic wiring, especially in the brain. It damages people’s internal clocks, so they can’t sleep. However, there is an exception in Matilda (Ariana Greenblatt), which results in her mother, Jill (Gina Rodríguez), taking her to the Hub to study her. Sadly, this military base turns out to be one of the worst places you could end up experimenting.

As the world races to solve the problem from scratch, Murphy (Jennifer Jason Leigh) tells Jill to take her family to the Hub, a military base. They have a history, as Jill worked with Murphy in the military, interrogating terrorists using Murphy’s methods, and now they work together at a university to study the brain. Murphy is surprised to hear that Jill’s daughter can still sleep, making her one of two people, as the Hub has an older woman who can sleep as well.

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That being said, Jill is afraid that Matilda will be used as a guinea pig because she knows that Murphy is quite sadistic and ruthless when it comes to getting results. Jill’s colleague Brian (Finn Jones) convinces the security guard that if she doesn’t do this, everyone will die and Matilda will be left alone in the world, possibly to die as well. As he ends up being killed by a mob, his message stands out and Jill makes the walk. However, she has a secret plan: get the old woman out so she can become Matilda’s new mom when everyone else dies.

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When Dodge, a prisoner they pick up on the way, helps them get to the Center, she heads north to find her family, while Jill decides to go to the base alone. She asks Matilda and Noah to hide in a dilapidated convenience store, sneaking in to try to catch the old woman. Jill is finally shocked when she finds the woman begging for death because she suffers like a lab rat, but even more so when she discovers that Murphy’s team prepared a serum that helps them stay awake.

They haven’t slept for a week, but when Murphy catches Jill, they discover that the injection has massive and deadly side effects. People hallucinate and, in this delusion, go crazy, so Jill decides that she wants to go out. Sadly, his family and Dodge meet too, and they all end up at the Hub. Jill and Noah are imprisoned, mentally shattered, while Dodge injects himself so he can help the army.

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Unfortunately, while Matilda tries to work with Katz and Murphy, all hell breaks loose when a soldier notices a pineapple falling from a tree. He thinks it’s a grenade and starts shooting the place, with everyone else shooting and descending into chaos. Dodge is also caught up in the melee, trying to help Jill’s family. Fortunately, Jill escapes after hallucinating Noah by killing her, but seeing the soldiers commit suicide further adds to the misery.

As for Murphy, Katz kills her by leaving air in the syringe, causing her death when she realizes that they have turned into monsters. The entire base becomes a war zone, and Matilda begins to lose it when she sees the old woman die next to her. Jill reaches the girl, but her world is shattered when Noah, hallucinating a wire like a fish, cuts it and electrocutes himself, falling unconscious. They try to revive him with a defibrillator, but they also get electrocuted. In the morning, Jill comes to and sees her children knocked out and the place in ruins, meaning that a cure may no longer be possible in this horrible world.

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Directed by Mark Raso, Awake starring Gina Rodríguez, Shamier Anderson and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Awake now airs on Netflix.

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