Some of the most exciting DC comics are their Elseworld comic books. One-shots and miniseries that explore the vast DC multiverse to show how things would have been if certain details were different. From possible futures to tragic pasts, the DC The multiverse is full of divergent stories and characters reinvented as a communist Superman, or an 1800 bat Man.

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These alternate timelines are filled with amazing characters and costume designs that allow artists to examine the basic components of a character and create something entirely new. With an extensive list of costume designs for every generation and history, DCClass superheroes have managed to stay relevant decades after their initial release.

10 Kingdom Come shows the future of the DC universe

A cult classic among comic book fans, Kingdom come was a small miniseries that took place in a possible future of the DC Universe where the ideal and the symbolism of the superhero have gone and only chaos remains. Artist Alex Ross’s redesigns of the League of Justice they are fascinating to watch. TO Green Lantern who reformed his lantern into armor for infinite power, and a Flash that combined the power of all previous speedsters. Ross’s work shows what the endgame is for many classics. DC superheroes can be.

9 The New 52 brought our heroes to a new generation

New 52

With a massive relaunch of the entire universe after the Flash point saga, DCArtists were tasked with reinventing classic heroes with entirely new designs that didn’t stray too far from the original. Although the race was short-lived, it was canceled by Renaissance shortly after its inception, the designs created for each character are truly incredible.

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The new armored appearance of many League members made their old cloth suits appear more dated. The new suits were updated and modernized to fit a new generation of DC comic books.

8 Injustice 1 & 2 was looking to make gritty and realistic designs

Red Hood and Harley face to face

Both in the title of the video game and in the comic series, the Injustice the character designs are great. Recontextualizing old costumes with new details that explain how they can withstand the intense routine of fighting day after day. Fitting somewhere between armor and fabric, the new suits helped modernize the Golden Age character design and add to the harsh, slightly realistic tone the series was setting, allowing the writers and characters to get involved. in dark subjects without looking out of place with the brightness. colored spandex and underwear over her pants.

7 A whole team of batmen in Dark Knights Metal

Dark Knights Metal

Dark Knights Metal and the creation of the Dark Multiverse was an exciting time for DCcreators. An opportunity to take old and beloved stories and bring them oppressively dark tones. The presentation of Batman Who Laugh’s Dark Knights was an incredible exploration of character and costume design. Each member of the Dark Knights is a version of Bruce Wayne as Batman from an alternate universe that has been infused with the powers of one of his Justice League allies (or Doomsday in Superman‘s case.).

Bryce Wayne, the Batwoman from Earth -11 who modified his own genetic makeup to fight the Atlanteans or Bruce Wayne from Earth -52 who fused his body with that of Barry Allen Flash to create the dark and twisted Red scare. The writer’s exploration into Wayne’s pain that enables the creation of these costumes and character designs is truly a work of wonder.

6 DC turns fantastic in Death Metal Dark Knights

Dark Knights Death Metal took aspects from all corners of the DC multiverse and reformatted them into a fantasy setting. Redesigning the costume of each hero to adapt it to the barbarian style. Many former enemies and heroes of the DC The multiverse had transitioned into fantastic versions of themselves, such as the Valley of the Starros, or the ship made of the Metal men. The Death metal The story is full of incredible references and reconstructions that make the character and costume design fascinating to watch and learn about the inspirations.

5 Bringing Tomorrow’s Team into the Modern Era: Legion of Superheroes (2019)

Reliving a comic book series involving a massive team of different superheroes who haven’t been in the mainstream of major comic book stories in decades and immediately pushing them to the forefront takes a lot of work. Making every member of the Legion stand out by retaining some aspects of their original design is hard work. Thankfully, Legion of superheroes manages to take each member of the team and give them a completely new design that makes them feel modern and relevant, but also references their original design.

4 Earth 2: a different world with a different team

Earth 2 is an often forgotten aspect of the DC multiverse. With an ever-changing team, be it the Justice Society of America, composed of classic heroes from the Golden Age, or a variation of Earth 1 League of Justice. However, between the redesign of the League of Justice With iconic costumes or modernizing heroes from the Golden Age, Earth 2 has managed to remain a popular setting for many of the fan-favorite stories. Being the birthplace of Earth 2 Thomas Wayne bat Man with his iconic black and red design, as well as his use of Venom steroids.

3 Characters are given new life in the exciting future of Batman Beyond

Taking place in one of the many possible futures for the DC universe, Future Batman follows the story of Terry McGuiness – the bat Man of the future after the retirement of Bruce Wayne. Not only does the series create a host of new villains with cool and iconic designs like Earthmover and Blight, it also reinvents the designs of many classic members of the bat Man Rouge’s Gallery which includes a new version of Shut up, and the granddaughters of the villain’s legend Harley quinn.

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The work done in the costumes of these characters has allowed them to remain popular and beloved to this day.

two The lords of justice take control

The Lords of Justice at DCAU

What if the League of Justice agreed to take control of the world as its dictators? Well the Animated justice league series responds that with the Lords of justice. After becoming president of the United States, Lex luthor murdered The flash, who was driving down a road that soon changed the heroic League of Justice in the oppressive Lords of justice. Sporting new sleek and darker-toned uniforms, the marked change in design represents their new dark personalities, as well as their vicious methods of ‘keeping the peace’.

1 Fear of the wrath of the crime syndicate

Crime Syndicate of America - Baddest Super Villain Teams

‘But yes Superman were they evil? asked a million comic book writers. Well the Crime syndicate show that. But instead of demonizing the big blue boy scout, we now get an evil version of the whole League of Justice who call themselves the Crime syndicate. Residing on Earth 3, the Syndicate has had many interactions over the years.

From the original designs in 1964 with suits that reflected the League, but with a touch of villain for the Geoff Johns. New 52 designs that include new members like Deathstorm, Atomica, Y Net, all the way to today with him Crime syndicate miniseries where we explore Earth 3 under the rule of Ultraman. The designs themselves have evolved a lot from simply a bad League of Justice characters on their own, like Johnny quick being designed more like a crazed speed freak than a villain Flash.

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