In the HBO dating series Max FBoy Island, 12 “good guys” and 12 “fboys” will compete for the love of three women. Find out more about this new show.

HBO Max’s New Dating Show FBoy Island will premiere this summer of 2021, with producers from both The Bachelor Y Love is blind behind this latest reality series. Since the launch of HBO Max, the streaming service has invested heavily in reality competitions. The streamer is already known for hit TV shows like Legendary, 12 Christmas dates, Full bloom, Y Elegant with Jenna Lyons. Now, she’s dipping into the waters of island-themed dating shows.

Summer 2021 will be packed with high-profile dating shows for reality TV fans to keep up with. ABC just premiered Katie Thurston’s season of High school, which will air throughout the summer. So the network has Single in paradise Season 7 is scheduled to begin in August 2021. On Netflix, Too hot to handle Season 2 will premiere on June 23. On CBS, Love Island United States Season 3 is scheduled to begin on July 7. And if you are a fan of the British edition of Island of love, then there’s also season 7 that will premiere on June 28.

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Now, a new challenger emerges: HBO Max’s FBoy Island It will premiere this summer of 2021, which means that it will compete head-to-head with all of the shows mentioned above. According to HBO Max, the premise of FBoy Island it is simple: “Three women move to a tropical island where they are joined by 24 men: 12 self-proclaimed ‘good guys’ looking for love and 12 self-proclaimed ‘FBoys’, there to compete for hard cash.” As the days and weeks go by, these women will have to constantly figure out who are the good guys and who are not so good. This reality show experiment will try to find an answer to the question, “Can the FBoys really reform or do the Nice Guys always finish last?”

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There are some very important names attached to FBoy Island. First of all, for a long time The Bachelor Producer Elan Gale is credited with being the creator of FBoy Island. What’s more, Love is blind creator Sam Dean will be the showrunner behind this new HBO Max series. FBoy Island was shot in the Cayman Islands and will feature comedian Nikki Glaser as the host. There is still no official release date for FBoy Island, but it will premiere during the summer of 2021 on HBO Max.

Fans of dating series and reality shows in general will have a very busy summer this year as there have never been so many similar dating shows streamed at the same time and directly competing for viewers. Nonetheless, it makes perfect sense that HBO Max has decided to enter such a popular reality TV genre with its own project for 2021.

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FBoy Island It will premiere this summer on HBO Max.

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