Jupiter’s Legacy is a story of the next generation of children and how they live up to the moral standards set by their parents; Due to the cult of comic book characters, the television series stands as one of the most anticipated shows of all. hour.

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A lot was teased prior to its release and since then, a lot has been cleared up after it was broadcast. At the moment, fans are eager to see what comes next in Jupiter’s Legacy. However, unbeknownst to fans, the show contains quite a few secrets that only a few people know about. From leaving companies to acquiring new ones, creators went through many ups and downs to make Jupiter’s Legacy what it is today.

10 Mark Millar was encouraged to start his own company

Despite having co-created most of the Marvel characters, Stan Lee did not own the rights to any characters, which led to many conflicts and also resulted in lower salaries. Learning from his own journey, he advised Mark Millar to part ways with Marvel and create his own company so that he could own the characters he creates.

Owning characters not only allows you to control their stories, but it also allows you to get great benefits from the names and identities of those characters. Stan Lee did not want Mark to go through the same struggles as him and therefore encouraged him to start on his own.

9 Mark sold Millarworld

Mark Millar Millarworld

In 2017, Netflix acquired Millarworld from Mark Millar and his wife Lucy. This deal included all of Mark’s comedic works like The Magic Order, Kingsman, and most importantly, Jupiter’s Legacy. Despite having sold his company, Mark made sure to stay on board as president.

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He did so because he wanted to ensure that the Jupiter legacy was made with the utmost consideration. To ensure the same, Mark spent a lot of time finalizing the details of the show, so much so that he planned every feature of the series and was even responsible for picking the showrunners on his own.

8 Jupiter’s Legacy was originally a movie

Jupiter's Legacy - Netflix Adaptation

The Legacy of Jupiter was initially planned as a trilogy film series with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura as its producer. However, James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad, advised Mark Millar to turn it into a show.

Turning a comic book series into a movie would have required shortening or even cutting out many parts. Turning the Jupiter legacy into a series would allow Mark Millar and the showrunners to keep the details of the comics without compromising time and thus they went ahead with a series rather than a trilogy.

7 The costumes symbolize their journey

The main characters go through a difficult journey to obtain their powers: their costumes are a reflection of the difficulties they have gone through to get where they are. The costumes also have a heavenly emphasis and refer to the abilities of superheroes.

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Everything about her outfit tells her story, and this pattern has also been adopted in the new Marvel movie Eternals. The subtle ways these creators portray their imaginations and connect the stories has left many fans baffled.

6 The inspiration behind the way the Jupiter legacy was made

The Jupiter Legacy shows two timelines simultaneously, as in, it switches between the past and the present and shows the heroes and their children at different times but of the same age. Mark Millar did not want to spend the first few episodes showing the origins of the main characters and to avoid this, he used simultaneous stories.

This style was inspired by The Godfather Part 2 when the film switched between showing the father, Michael Corleone, and the son, Vito Corleone, at the same age. Jupiter’s Legacy also uses a similar time warp to show the backstory of its main characters.

5 Steven DeKnight was supposed to be the showrunner

Steven DeKnight was supposed to be the executive producer and executive producer of the television adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy. However, he had to part ways due to creative differences with Mark Millar and Frank Quietly. DeKnight wrote and directed the first episode of Jupiter’s Legacy.

After his departure, Sang Kyu Kim was appointed as the new showrunner, while Mark and Frank retained their roles as executive producers. The creation of Jupiter’s Legacy would have been very different if Steven DeKnight had stayed, however what Steven planned for the show remains a secret.

4 Unplanned alterations controlled the plot

Jupiter's Legacy (Netflix) - Episode 7

Jupiter’s Legacy was being filmed in Canada and the weather, as always, was unpredictable. Episode seven of the show was not supposed to have snow and the script was written to be completely different. However, on the day of filming, the ground was covered with two feet of snow.

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The crew generally has two options when there is an unprecedented change in weather, and the options are to go with the flow or stop filming that day. The creators believed that since the story was about being stuck on an island, real life characters are sure to face obstacles in real life. Therefore, they used the snow to their advantage and continued filming the episode.

3 Certain plot lines are inspired by real life

Jupiter’s Legacy shows how the children of the original superheroes struggle to abide by the ethics established by their parents. The show portrays a constant conflict between the morality that was and the morality that is.

This conflict is inspired by the constant tug of war between real-life boomers and millennials, as these two generations have had different views and opinions when it comes to many things in life. Mark Millar used these disagreements as inspiration for his characters and his continuing fight for the moral code.

two Blackstar’s plot is different in the comics

Blackstar appears in the comics, but the plot differs from that of the Netflix show. In the comics there is no clone nor does Brandon kill him to save his father.

The comics make Blackstar appear only once to demonstrate how The Union works today. The utopian manages to kill Blackstar by trapping him in a fantasy world using Brainwave’s powers and Blackstar returns alive after the fight. The show’s decision to alter this plot also negatively affected the story.

1 Chloe has a son

Jupiter's Legacy - Chloe Sampson

During the course of the show, Chloe’s personality only extends to being an irresponsible character. One plot that would have altered Chloe’s image in the eyes of viewers is the fact that she has a son with Hutch.

Her son, Jason, is endowed with powers that he chooses to hide. Unfortunately, the showrunners failed to recognize their son. However, some fans believe that their son’s introduction would have led to interesting character developments and the audience might have been able to focus on other aspects of Chloe’s character.

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