Exclusive: Loki star Wunmi Mosaku reveals that he had no problem keeping details of the upcoming Disney + series a secret.

Loki The star, Wunmi Mosaku, revealed that she found Marvel’s intense secret easy while working on the upcoming Disney + series. Marvel’s newest series hits the streaming platform this Wednesday, with Tom Hiddleston returning as the fan-favorite God of Mischief. The series will resume after he escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers Endgame, Following an earlier version of the character as he appears throughout human history and in keeping with his rebellious personality, he runs into trouble while inadvertently impacting historical events.

As shown in the multiple trailers and teasers, Loki is punished for stealing the Tesseract and destroying reality by the Time Variance Authority, an organization run by the mysterious Timekeepers. The TVA is tasked with protecting the timeline, which Loki broke when he disappeared in Endgame. Tasked with pursuing the god is TVA’s high-ranking soldier Hunter B-15, played by Wunmi Mosaku. In a 50-second clip released by Marvel Studios, Mosaku’s agent discovers Loki, the “variant,” in a barren desert and accuses him of breaking the sacred timeline.

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According to Mosaku, keeping the details surrounding the series a secret from his friends and family was a breeze. She explained how industry professionals and MCU fans alike didn’t bother to ask her questions regarding her participation in the series, as they understood the importance of maintaining Loki details a secret. Screen rant could sit with him Loki star before the series debut, where he shared his experience working under Marvel’s notorious secrecy regarding their upcoming releases. Mosauku said:

Okay, because no one in the industry will ask you. And then my friends aren’t going to ask me, because they don’t really care. My family does not want to know, because they are not good with secrets. My mom says, “I think I’ll tell everyone at church,” so she doesn’t even know what she was working on until something comes up. I’ll tell her, but she won’t remember or retain it.

But my sister is a huge Marvel fan. There’s no way I’m ruining this show for you. Nobody wants it to go broke. And then no one else, like all the actors and producers and everyone, everyone knows, ‘I can’t ask you about this,’ so they don’t.

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loki shows how many episodes

Mosaku’s comments are a response to Marvel Studio’s famously strict reassurance about their upcoming and future projects. MCU actors receive little information while on set, and most actors receive only their parts of the script. Additionally, Marvel tends to hold private test screenings rather than public ones. This additional security measure helps reduce the risk of leaks, as fewer people have access to the information revealed in the movies. However, these security measures are not always effective. Tom Holland, who plays the MCU’s Peter Parker in the last 5 Spiderman movies, he is famous for accidentally blurting out MCU spoilers. In a 2017 interview with AlloCin√©, Holland accidentally revealed plans to release 2 more. Spiderman aftermath while pressing to Spider-Man: I come home.

From keeping secrets to keeping track of time, many of the details surrounding Mosaku’s role in the series remain unknown. Disney’s Bob Iger confirmed that Loki will connect to the release of Phase 4 from fellow MCUs, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity. And although Marvel has not officially confirmed it, it is suggested that Loki will help organize the events of Thor: love and thunder, which will premiere in May 2022. Regardless, it’s no secret that the Disney + series will explore new parts of the MCU as the franchise becomes more immersed in time travel and the multiverse.

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