After a horrific death took place in the corridors of Strange Academy, Doctor Strange’s school staff had to seek professional help.

WARNING: The following contains the main spoilers for Strange Academy # 11 from Skottie Young, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado and VC’s Clayton Cowles, now on sale.

Strange Academy is proving to be more dangerous than anyone could have anticipated. After Doyle Dormammu’s death and resurrection, Strange Academy staff and students were eager for things to get back to normal. Unfortunately, in a school full of untrained magic users, this would prove difficult. Another student has just been found in pieces inside the corridors of Strange Academy and is suspected of having committed a crime. For this reason, the staff has decided to draw on the experience of Howard the Duck to solve the murder mystery.

After a long night of studying for final exams, the Strange Academy students woke up to a brutal sight. His friend Toth had been completely shattered in a hallway. Doctor Voodoo and Catbeast concluded that Toth could be resurrected if his body was reassembled. They discovered that Toth had been killed after learning that the only missing piece was the fragment of his heart. Realizing that Toth was the victim of foul play, Voodoo approached Howard the Duck to find the culprit.

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Howard T Duck Strange Academy

Howard wasted no time at all and immediately began questioning the students. He quickly learned that the strong personalities of the students would make this job much more difficult than necessary. Calvin was the first to be questioned, but he did not take Toth’s death seriously. He played into Howard’s investigation as if he had been arrested and was being questioned by the police. After Howard convinced him, Calvin quickly declared where he had been, to which Alvi could attest.

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Howard was further challenged by Alvi’s brother, Iric, who claimed that Doyle was nowhere to be found and should be a suspect. Doyle was quick to deny this, and his alibi was validated by an Iric post on social media that featured Doyle in the background. Howard’s questions are not successful as all the students and staff members had an alibi that could be confirmed. This led Howard back to the crime scene footage where he noticed a pin lodged in the wall. With this new information, Doctor Voodoo and Howard concluded that the pin must have come from Calvin’s leather jacket. Unfortunately, the other students learned the truth before Howard could inform them. His accusations of Calvin transformed him into a creature monstrosity.

Howard with Strange Academy Voodoo

While it may seem strange for Doctor Strange and his staff to get close to Howard the Duck, Howard actually owes an immense debt to Strange. Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones’ Howard the Duck # 11 saw the couple’s last interaction. Death was knocking on Howard’s door after he was stabbed by Chipp, who had been overseeing an intergalactic reality show starring Howard. As Howard headed towards the light, he was suddenly pushed aside and brought back to life. Upon awakening, he was greeted by Doctor Strange, who exclaimed that he was making astral projections when he noticed Howard’s spirit. Then, Strange returned Howard’s spirit to his body, bringing him back to life.

Howard is no stranger to dangerous threats, but the most recent happenings at Strange Academy are certainly new to him. While his interrogation skills failed him when working with children, his observation skills at the crime scene helped him solve the case. Howard is squarely at the center of the conflict with the entity that has taken over Calvin and will have to work even harder to pay off his debt to Strange.

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