The original movie was a spinoff hit from The Conjuring series, but is The Nun 2 still happening? Here’s what we know about the possible sequel.

It is The spell cleave The nun 2 still going? Following the success of his directorial debut saw In 2004, James Wan had trouble with his follow-ups. While they have since developed a cult following, both Dead silence Y Death warrant struggled at the box office. Wan returned to his roots with 2010’s Insidious, proving to be a modern horror author, and the movie, just like saw – generated a franchise. Your follow-up The spell It was another great success, with the period horror that followed the investigation of a haunted house.

The spell The mixture of simmering suspense with highly effective bobs, plus the surprisingly sweet romance between Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s Ed and Lorraine Warren, helped launch a new series. Counting the most recent entry The incantation: the devil made me do it, there are currently eight entries in the series. The nun 2018 served as a prequel to the events of The spell 2 and followed the origin of the titular demonic entity, AKA Valak.

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Bonnie Aarons nun was a late addition to The spell 2, with Valak originally portrayed as a more traditionally demonic-looking creature. The new shots led to the most iconic Nun taking his place, and a new horror icon was born. The nun itself received mixed reviews, but made a good profit, but is a sequel happening?

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The Nun 2 was confirmed as in development in 2019

Valak the nun

During a chat with THAT in 2019, The spell Franchise producer Peter Safran stated that a sequel was in development for The nun 2, which apparently will have “a really funny story. “He also stated for possible follow-up that”I think another Nun movie is inevitable. “Later, Akela Cooper was hired to write the script for the film. Unfortunately, there are no plot details for the sequel, and whether it would follow. The nun or pick up after Valak’s apparent defeat at the end of The spell 2.

The crooked man is also developing

Valak is a busy demon, as another spin-off based on his Crooked Man form from The spell 2 It was also in the works, with Wan himself having provided a treatment of the story. The project was apparently developed as some kind of dark fairy tale, but updates to the film have been muted since 2018, apparently due to The nun overshadowing the creature,

Nun 2’s status is unknown

Vision of Valak The Conjuring 2

Given both the success of the original and the enduring popularity of The Conjurvese itself, The nun 2 feels almost safe. It is likely that the project and any other derivatives have been left in the background to focus on The Conjuring 3, and with that project finished, there should soon be more activity on the spin-off side of things. Movies tend to follow each other in a relatively tight release pattern, so if The nun 2 is the following, the release date is likely to be no later than 2023.

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