Featured during Developer Day 2021, Vokabulantis makes use of traditional stop-motion animation to bring the puzzle platformer to life.

Announced during Summer Games Fest 2021, Vocabulary is an upcoming puzzle platformer created with stop-motion.

Created as a collaboration between animation studio Wired Fly Animation and game developer Orange Kong, Vocabulary will task players to fill the shoes of a boy and a girl as they try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The game has been designed around the two-player cooperative mode, but players can switch characters at will if they wish to play the game alone.

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Although not much is currently known about Vocabulary, the game’s biggest selling point is its unique animation style. Orange Kong has cited games like Little nightmares Y Unravel as the inspiration behind their next platformer and while those games share similarities in the game, it’s the animation that does Vocabulary unique. The game uses traditional stop-motion animation techniques that have been recontextualized for the video game development process.

The trailer shown during the Developer Day presentation highlights how characters are moved and captured before undergoing a mapping process that allows animations to be synchronized with player controls.

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Developer Kong Orange previously worked on Felix the reaper weather Wired Flies Animation has released several short films, all made with stop-motion techniques. The current development team at Vocabulary There are currently six people, although that number is expected to increase and decrease at various points in the production process.

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Vocabulary expected to launch in 2024. Available platforms have not yet been confirmed by the developer.

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Source: Day of the Devs, Youtube

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