Whether you’re extremely persistent or lacking in morale, these villains will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Not all villains are created equal, some except defeat, while others turn the page and join the good guys. Then there are the villains who are in it for the long haul, the villains who pursue their ominous dreams to the point of self-destruction.

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The villains who will stop at nothing to ensure they emerge victorious are the scariest of all. They don’t care who they have to hurt or what they have to do to execute their devious plots. Some anime villains are known for their inability to know when to leave things alone.

10 Gabi’s inability to accept the truth intensified her misguided hatred for the Eldians (Attack on Titan)

Until they met Gabi, fans didn’t think they could dislike a child that much. The Marley government brainwashed Gabi and taught her to believe that the Eldians were the spawn of the devil. They lead her to believe that her only salvation was to become an honorary Marley soldier. Still, it is obvious that Jamie is choosing to remain deliberately ignorant. Let your wrong hatred overshadow logic. His friend Falco was able to analyze the devastation around him and empathize with his enemies. Jamie stood firm in her beliefs and attacked the people of Paradis whenever she got the chance, including anyone who helped her.

9 Each liftoff had no effect on the persistence of Team Rocket (Pokémon)

Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie James Meowth Magikarp Submarine

Team Rocket’s Jesse, James, and Meowth were relentless when it came to pursuing their ultimate goal of capturing Pikachu. No matter how many times they failed, Team Rocket kept popping up every day with an unfortunate new plan to capture Pikachu or any other rare Pokémon that might impress their boss, Giovanni. His youthful tricks always ended in a painful takeoff. Still, the prospect of receiving approval from his boss outweighed his inevitable daily defeat. Their innovative schemes include, but are not limited to, digging holes, creating fake contests, kidnapping Pokémon, and using their abilities to capture other Pokémon (such as Exeggutor) and use giant robots. Even though they can’t always catch Pikachu or a rare Pokémon, this team doesn’t give up.

8 Freiza enjoyed an unsettling amount of pleasure in causing destruction (Dragon Ball Z)

Freiza pointing

Freiza is a villain who refuses to be defeated or stay dead. He has become the eternal enemy of Goku, participating in battle with him and Vegeta as many times as he could. He got most of his pleasure from planetary destruction and the enslavement of people. One of his main goals was to eradicate the Saiyan race, which he finally managed to do. However, these “victories” did not satisfy Freiza. He fought, tortured, and murdered many characters throughout the series, enjoying every moment.

7 Hisoka does everything he can to satisfy his insane desires (Hunter X Hunter)

Hisoka Hunter Exam

Hisoka is one of the creepiest villains in hunter X hunter. He seems to have no ambition other than to satisfy his thirst for blood. He constantly puts himself in life-threatening situations without any hesitation or fear, simply for entertainment purposes.

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His obsession with Gon is particularly inappropriate since Gon is a teenager. He makes sure to participate in Gon’s advancement to nurture him for when he’s ready to fight him. On top of that, he marches to the beat of his own drum and does what pleases him no matter how angry he makes the dangerous people around him.

6 Muzan has committed horrible crimes while creating a world ruled by demons (Demon Slayer)

Muzan is focused on building an unstoppable demon army. He is a powerful demon who creates as many upper and lower level demons as he sees fit. He kills families in his spare time and does not plan to slow down anytime soon and is not above killing his own henchmen if they meet his standards. He is responsible for creating all the demons that currently exist and has an obsession for perfection. Muzan doesn’t care about the pain it causes and is determined to create a demonic hierarchy.

5 Overhaul resorted to torturing a child in an effort to become the ruler of the underworld from villains (My Hero Academia)

Overhaul would stop at nothing to realize his dream of ruling the underworld and gaining the ability to eliminate Quirks. This is why he found that using his Quirk to put his boss into a coma because he did not agree with his plans was completely acceptable. Since his Quirk allows him to assemble and disassemble anything he touches, he was convinced that it was only fair because it would eventually bring him back. Overhaul was also not above emotionally manipulating and physically tormenting a child. He performed painful procedures on her daily, which included reassembling and disassembling her body. No wonder this limitless torture leads to his downfall.

4 No amount of torture or experimentation was off limits for Orochimaru (Naruto)

Orochimaru disguised as the fourth Kazekage in Naruto

Orochimaru was a villain without a conscience. He wanted to discover secrets about the human anatomy that would lead him to extend his life. To say that you pushed your efforts too far would be an understatement.

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He spent many years abducting children and experimenting with people with abilities that he thought would help him on his journey to immortality. The fact that he was willing to torture and murder innocent people and organize a takeover of the village illustrated that Orochimaru was willing to do anything to make his sinister dreams come true.

3 Shigaraki’s adoration for his mentor fuels his distorted view of society (My Hero Academia)

Tomura without face covered

Shigaraki is the protégé of All For One and leader of the League of Villains. He has made several attacks against the students and professional heroes of the UA. He is also responsible for orchestrating Kachan’s kidnapping in an attempt to recruit him into the League. He is extremely loyal to All for One and shares the same goal of wanting to destroy all heroes. With a disdain for his current society and a gift that spoils everything he touches, Shigaraki is more than motivated to carry out his plans of destruction.

two All For One trusts its destruction plans (My Hero Academia)

All For One wants to become the most powerful being that ever lived. He is the creator of the League of Villains and responsible for the havoc the Nomus unleashed on Hosu City. All for One has resorted to killing various people to create an army of warped beings that can manipulate the Quirks he has given them. Not only is he determined to destroy All Might and create an unstoppable army of villains, but he also faces any form of defeat or capture with a smile, knowing that his plans outweigh any temporary loss.

1 Kaguya became a powerful tyrant who lacked emotion (Naruto)

kaguya and zetsu

Kaguya is a special kind of villain whose own children disagreed with his belief system. Kaguya didn’t start out as the heartless and cruel being that she turned out to be. Over time, the harsh treatment she received from the people around her and her growing power changed her personality. She became obsessed with connecting to the God-Tree. Seeing her disregard for human life, her sons, Hamura and Hagoromo, sealed her off. This did not hold Kaguya forever, her will lived on in the manifestation of Black Zetsu. The fact that Kakuya’s will has been physically manifested and she has spent centuries manipulating people to shape a world in which she can revive is the ultimate example of perseverance.

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