Comic book publisher AWA announces that it is launching a film and television division called AWA Studios, which will be led by Zach Studin.

Graphic fiction publisher Artists, Writers and Artisans (AWA) is launching a new film and television division called AWA Studios.

This new division will be led by Zach Studin, former executive of John Wells Productions, Lava Bear Films and Lionsgate, who will act as president of AWA Studios. “In the 16 months since we released our first books, AWA has published 22 original series in 86 comic book episodes with nearly 250 new characters and has established us as an industry leader in terms of our treatment of our artists and writers and by the importance and quality of their work, “said AWA CEO Bill Jemas in a press release. “With years of industry experience and a true talent for development and production, Zach is the perfect bridge from comic book and graphic novel publishing to film and television programming.”

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The focus of the division will be the creation of new film and television content focused on AWA properties. AWA was founded by former Marvel executives Jemas and Axel Alonso, with Jon Miller chairing and has published the work of comic book creators such as J. Michael Straczynski, Mike Deodato, and Garth Ennis, each of whom are founding members of the Creative Council. by AWA. AWA has published many critically acclaimed comics and graphic novels, with some recent titles The resistance, Year zero, American ronin and more.

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“From a creative standpoint, we will continue to focus on making sure we deliver amazing stories that give Zach the fuel he needs to make AWA Studios an ideal partner for the world’s best filmmakers and Hollywood Studios,” said the Head of AWA. . Creative manager Alonso.

“History is the epicenter of our industry and the currency of our community. Within the pages of AWA’s comics and graphic novels is the source of this generation of really great new stories. Seeing the variety of genres, the breadth and the diversity of characters and the distinct worlds they inhabit – what is in focus are the exceptional artists, writers and artisans behind these exciting new creations, “said Studin.

“It is a privilege to join Bill, Axel, Jon and our amazing team,” he continued. “I look forward to leading AWA Studios, curating our treasured stories and working tirelessly to create endless opportunities with the best filmmakers on the planet. The AWA Studios story is just beginning, we will have a lot of fun and it will be shown on screens around the world.”

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Source: AWA Studios

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