Bleach is a long-running shonen action series with a huge cast, and some characters are much stronger than others. It’s true that a Captain-class Soul Reaper will always be stronger than a Lieutenant, but it’s hard not to wonder how things might have turned out if certain characters were stronger or received a huge power boost mid-series.

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Some Bleach characters received this power, such as Lieutenant Renji Abarai, who unlocked their true Bankai during the Thousand Year Blood War arc, and Rukia Kuchiki, who unlocked her own Bankai, Hakka no Togame, around the same time. However, many other heroes, and even some villains, deserved to be stronger to show what they can really do.

10 Rangiku Matsumoto could have used stronger Kido spells

Every Captain needs a loyal subordinate, and Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya of Squad 10 counts on Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto to watch his back. Rangiku’s fun-loving personality is totally at odds with Toshiro’s, but Rangiku is easy to like and had a few chances to shine.

However, Rangiku’s growth soon stalled, even when he used his Shikai, Haineko, against the Three Beasts. Rangiku could have unlocked a few more techniques from Shikai or a new move from Kido to keep up with the other heroes while fighting the Sternritter.

9 Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba’s tough guy attitude deserved a better Zanpakuto

Although Tetsuzaemon Iba from Squad 7 acts and looks like a typical mobster, he rarely backs it up with action. Iba’s Zanpakuto is among the worst in the series, and his name has not even been revealed. Su Shikai is also disappointing and disappointing.

It’s a shame as Iba is a pretty good character otherwise and was even promoted to Captain of Squad 7 after Sajin Komamura lost his powers. If Iba had a power surge before fighting the Quincy, he could have done so much more.

8 Ikkaku Madarame could really have mastered his bankai

Ikkaku Madarame, the third seat of Team 11, is in a similar position to Rangiku and Tetsuzaemon. Ikkaku was impressive when he first appeared, fighting Ichigo in the Soul Society arc and then defeating Edrad Liones with his new Bankai during the Arrancar arc.

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Later, Ikkaku fought Luppi Antenor and Poww, but did poorly in those fights. Given his cool and tough Bankai personality, Ikkaku should have gotten stronger and show off a bit more, and become a true hero during the Thousand Year Blood War arc.

7 Yumichika Ayasegawa should have worn her Kido Shikai with pride

Yumichika in front of generic Shojo background

Despite her appearance and personality, Yumichika Ayasegawa is the fifth seat of Squad 11 and often hides the true nature of her Kido-based Shikai from her allies, as Squad 11 has a rule against anything Kido related. Yumichika nearly lost to Charlotte before finally using her Shikai’s true form.

Yumichika could have used this as an opportunity to change her mind about her Shikai and use it openly no matter what the other members of Squad 11 thought. She could have gotten quite far with this Shikai, but sadly, she didn’t get much stronger afterwards. of his victory against Charlotte. He only had potential.

6 Loly Aivirrne could have been a scarier challenge for everyone

Villains like Loly Aivirrne need a power-up not because of their personal merits, but because the added strength would allow them to pose a more serious threat to the heroes and show the true extent of their creative abilities.

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Loly is a fierce Arrancar with a streak of jealousy, but she can only speak harshly. Her freed form was immediately crushed at the hands of Yammy Llargo, and later, she was quickly defeated when she faced Sternritter “J” Quilge Opie. What is Loly really capable of? Only a power-up would reveal the answer.

5 Lieutenant Momo Hinamori could have used better Kido eventually

Momo Hinamori is sad

For a long time, Lieutenant Momo Hinamori idolized her commanding officer, Captain Sosuke Aizen, and nearly died at his hands twice. However, Momo fought in the fake city of Karakura and displayed the full range of her talents from Kido and her blast-based Shikai, Tobiume.

Momo was impressive against the Three Beasts, but didn’t seem to grow much bigger after that, and played a minor role, at best, in the battle against Sternritter. It would have been fun to see what else Momo’s Kido and Shikai could do after all this time.

4 Kiyone Kotetsu should be more than just comic relief

Bleach Kiyone Kotetsu

Kiyone Kotetsu is a fairly minor character, and she and her counterpart Sentaro are primarily used for comic purposes. Kiyone once belonged to team 13, then team 4, and is known to have some talents to heal Kido. But what else can she do?

Not much, apparently, and his Shikai wasn’t even revealed. If Kiyone had trained hard and gotten stronger, he could have done a lot to fight the Quincy and impress everyone, especially his older sister, Isane.

3 Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu should have filled the void after Unohana’s death

isane kotetsu bleach

Kiyone’s older sister, Isane, was the Lieutenant of Medical Squad 4 until Captain Retsu / Yachiru Unohana was killed by Kenpachi Zaraki. Now, Isane is the commander of Squad 4, but that was simply because Kiyone was the second highest ranked member of the team.

Isane’s full potential has not been seen, not even the abilities of her Shikai, Itegumo. Isane has been seen using Kido, but what about her sword skill and Shikai? If she got a power-up at some point, the modest but tough Isane could have done so much more and proved herself worthy to succeed Unohana.

two Kukaku Shiba is too cool to write

Kukaku Shiba is a lesser woman of the Soul Society and an enthusiast of Kido’s spells and fireworks. She is also Ichigo’s cousin on his father’s side, as Isshin Kurosaki was once Isshin Shiba. Kukaku even helped Ichigo and his friends enter Gotei 13 through a canyon.

Although Kukaku made a strong impression with his dazzling Kido and personality, he didn’t get much stronger than that, which is a shame given how diverse and flashy Kido can be. Imagine if Kukaku started using Kido spells in the 80s and 90s, like Sosuke Aizen and Kisuke Urahara do.

1 Chad deserves a fighting chance

Ichigo’s good friend Chad is tough and brave, and he trained hard to unlock his true powers. In practice, Chad tends to lose his mind and get hit so frequently that it is almost like a meme.

Chad was impressive when he defeated Gantenbainne Mosqueda, and if he powered up again from there, he could have faced Espada and Sternritter just as easily. Given everything Chad has been through, he deserves a fighting chance.

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