One of the biggest controversies of Avengers Endgame It was the unconventional and questionable use of time travel that ultimately allowed Tony Stark and company to defeat Thanos. For decades time travel has come with a certain set of rules, as if you change something in the past, it will have an effect on the future you return to, but Endgame scattered with this rule, choosing to create his own version of time travel that was not based on events occurring on a single linear timeline, but on events branching out to create an alternate timeline; maybe we could call it a multiverse.

Now, Loki Writer Michael waldron has revealed that the God of Mischief Disney + series will reveal a lot more about how time travel actually works in the MCU, and it seems we don’t know anything yet.

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The writer spoke to Vanity Fair about his career, with a large portion of the interview detailing his work with Marvel. Of course with Loki being only a week away and fans have as little idea what to expect, as they did with WandaVision, obviously it was a talking point that didn’t take long to get to. What was least expected was that Waldron would make a particular comment that opened up a new way of looking at EndgameExplanation of time travel. It’s “the way the Avengers understand it.”

So what does this mean? We still don’t know what effect time travel has inside the MCU? Well yeah, because to turn things around, we as an audience only know what the Avengers understood about what they were doing after a brief discussion with the Sorcerer Supreme. During the six hours of Loki, we will understand things better, including some points that even the Avengers did not know.

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“I can show you what was in our writers room,” he said as he sketched a branching timeline. “We had to create crazy institutional knowledge of how time travel would work within TVA so that the audience doesn’t have to think about it anymore. It was a lot of wavy timeline drawings.”

On Loki, the TVAs are the Time Variation Authority that manages the flow of time and soon catches up with Loki as he begins to hang out with the Tesseract. Actor Tom Hiddleston recently explained that the TVA “is an organization that orders and controls the passage of time. They have predetermined what happens in the past, the present and the future, in a straight line.” Knowing if we know about the manipulation of the time used in Endgame, this has quite a few implications.

Waldron continued to discuss his approach to the series and to ensure that his laws of time withstood the scrutiny of ever-vigilant audiences who hoped to find a flaw in the science. “I was always very aware of the fact that there is a week between each of our episodes, and these fans are going to do exactly what I would do, which is to separate this,” the writer said. “We wanted to create a time travel logic that was so tight that it could last more than six hours.”

Just how “airtight” it turns out to be will be revealed soon enough, as fans and picky eaters alike will get a chance to get their first dose of Loki on Wednesday June 9 when it premieres on Disney +. This news originated in

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