The BBC Merlin is an underrated gem among fantasy television shows, running for five seasons from 2008 to 2012. Merlin is one of the best-known sorcerers out there, but there is another wizard who rivals his fame among modern audiences: Harry Potter. .

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Merlin it had an incredibly talented cast of characters, but how would the sorcerer and his friends fare in the wizarding world of Harry Potter? It may seem like knights should be all Gryffindors and bad guys all Slytherins, but that’s not necessarily the case among Merlin’s companions. If the characters had attended Hogwarts, these could be their houses.

10 Uther – Gryffindor

King Uther Pendragon seated on the throne of Camelot

Uther Pendragon was a stereotypical Gryffindor, but not in a good way. While he possessed many Gryffindor traits that made him a good king (bravery, daring, chivalry, etc.), he was never particularly kind or trusting.

He was often hotheaded, self-righteous, and stubborn, especially when it came to magic. These traits caused many problems with his subjects and within his family. Although his son was also a Gryffindor, thankfully they had radically different approaches to being a good king.

9 Gaius – Ravenclaw

As a court physician, Gaius was responsible for the welfare of the Pendragons and the people of Camelot. Before Merlin arrived, he kept them healthy by using potions and herbs. After Merlin became his apprentice, he began incorporating more magic remedies. Like Merlin, Gaius was also a student of magic in his youth; he loved incorporating magic and science into being a healer. He gave Merlin his remaining spell books and was the first person to train the young wizard.

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Gaius was responsible for keeping Merlin out of trouble and covering for him when he got caught up in magical shenanigans. Gaius was never very good at coming up with excuses for Merlin, but what he lacked in the creativity that Ravenclaws are typically known for, he made up for with intelligence and occasional wisdom.

8 Kilgharrah – Slytherin


For many years, the Great Dragon was Merlin’s friend, confidant, and advisor, but no matter how many times Merlin sought his advice, Kilgharrah was never particularly straightforward. Especially in the early seasons, the Dragon always had more information than he gave Merlin, strategically revealing what Merlin needed to know but also making sure that Merlin would still need him in the future.

Kilgharrah was cunning and resourceful, but also haughty, selfish, and manipulative. He always knew how to manipulate a situation to try to get what he wanted. Merlin became a Dragon Lord for the two of them to develop a more trusting relationship with a rewarding Slytherin-Ravenclaw Dynamics.

7 Lancelot – Hufflepuff

Lancelot by Santiago Cabrera in Merlin

Many of the Knights of the Round Table fall into Gryffindor, but Sir Lancelot was definitely a Hufflepuff. Lancelot was the only knight who knew that Merlin had magic. He kept the secret with his life, but was always kind in encouraging Merlin to be himself.

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Lancelot was a true friend to both Merlin and Arthur. Even though she loved Guinevere, she served and protected Arthur faithfully and never purposely got in the way of their relationship. He ultimately sacrificed himself for Merlin and Arthur, putting his friends first Hufflepuff-style himself.

6 Gwaine – Gryffindor

Gwaine smiling at Merlin

Gwaine embodied many of the mischievous and impulsive aspects of Gryffindor house, but he was also an incredibly brave and loyal member of the Knights of the Round Table. He was known for getting into trouble, but also for being very good at fighting his way out of it. He was one of Merlin’s closest friends, always ready to stand up for the decisions he made and stand by Merlin when he needed help on his adventures.

When he traveled with Merlin and Arthur to retrieve the Fisher King’s trident, the guardian said that Merlin represented magic, Arthur represented courage, and Gwaine represented strength. One of Gwaine’s best Gryffindor-style quotes from the episode “The Coming of Arthur” was “I don’t think we have a chance. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

5 Mordred – Hufflepuff

Mordred standing on the castle steps with the other knights in Merlin

As a child, Mordred exhibited many Slytherin traits in his fight for survival as a druid, but as he grew older it became clear that what Mordred valued more than anything else was loyalty. His bond with Morgana, his attempted friendship with Merlin, and his service to Arthur as a knight were marked by his dedication, loyalty, and sense of justice.

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Mordred only left the Knights of the Round Table after believing that Arthur and Merlin had completely betrayed him and chosen the wrong side. When he left, Mordred again sided with Morgana, who had always cared about him, and his people, the ones who had magic. Mordred was always kind and strong; It was tragic that circumstances put their loyalties on the wrong side of the final battle.

4 Morgana – Slytherin

Morgana Pendragon was a Slytherin in a family full of Gryffindors. In Arthurinan Legends, Morgana is best known for being an evil sorceress and an enemy to Camelot, King Arthur, and Merlin. However, on the BBC MerlinShe grew up in Uther’s house and was friends with the other characters for many years before discovering she had magic.

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Once she knew who she was and realized that Uther would hate her for it, she became very secretive and goal-oriented to destroy Uther. For an entire season, Morgana was cunning enough to fool everyone except Merlin into believing that she was still loyal to Camelot. Her ambition to become a mightily feared priestess and queen often blinded her to what was right in front of her, such as Merlin’s true identity, and sadly rendered her cruel. His arrogance was ultimately his downfall.

3 Gin – Hufflepuff

Gin Crowned Queen of Camelot in Merlin

Guinevere started the show as Morgana’s friend and servant. Many knew her for being trustworthy and hardworking. Throughout the series, she was a strong and loyal friend to Merlin, Morgana, and Arthur, as well as many of the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur admired her as much for her kindness as for her boldness.

Hufflepuffs are known for being humble, but they are by no means dudes. Gwen proved this by being Arthur’s confidant after the two fell in love and his most trusted advisor when they finally got married. After Gwen’s suspicions about Merlin’s magic were confirmed, she continued to trust Merlin and regard him as the same friend she had always known.

two Arthur – Gryffindor

Arthur jousting against opponent in Merlin

Arthur Pendragon was the epitome of a Gryffindor. Unlike his father, he embodied all of Gryffindor’s best traits in a way that made him a fantastic leader and a great friend. He was noble and just, brave and stubborn, and brave to the extreme. While he could also be arrogant, self-righteous, and occasionally reckless when it came to protecting the people he loved, those were not his dominant traits.

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As a knight and king, his conscience guided him, but he was almost always wise enough to trust his knights, Merlin and Guinevere, for advice as friends and teammates. Arthur was the epitome of courage and a truly loyal friend.

1 Merlin – Ravenclaw

Weather JK Rowling said Since Merlin was a Slytherin in the Harry Potter universe, the BBC’s Merlin possessed traits of the four houses, which made him difficult to classify. Merlin was brave and at times reckless like a Gryffindor, loyal and kind like a Hufflepuff, and cunning and goal-oriented like a Slytherin.

However, his natural affinity for sorcery, curiosity about the world, and desire to constantly learn about its power place him in Ravenclaw. His ability to bond with characters from other houses and his purpose to unite the “Old Religion” with new magic also recalled the cooperation between houses displayed by Ravenclaw characters such as Luna Lovegood. His wit and wisdom constantly surprised other characters who did not know what powerful, experienced and intuitive sorcerer was under his outer facade.

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