WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1, Episode 7, “Battle Scars,” which is now airing on Disney +.

Recover “Battle Scars” in medias res, with the Havoc Marauder being fired upon by a trio of ships in space. For his latest work, Clone Force 99 has stolen a lizard, whom Omega calls “Ruby”, from a group known as Rhokai. “Technically, the Rhokai stole the lizard first. We’re just intercepting it,” notes Tech. (Thanks Tech!) Echo brings the hyperdrive online just in time for them to escape. Upon his return to Ord Mantell, Cid admits that he does not know what his client “Ruby” wants for. Hunter scolds her for not caring while getting paid. “Now you are catching up. And guess what? That means that you are also paid ”, he replies.

Cid pays the team, but Hunter is angry, saying he told them the job paid three times as much. She tells him that’s for her and throws him a list of her expenses, including berthing fees, port fees, equipment, fuel, rations and … 20 boxes of Mantell Mix. Yes, it seems that Wrecker and Omega have been delighting in a delicious dish known as Mantell Mix after their missions and have put it on Cid’s account. Surprisingly, she is not crazy about this and informs Hunter that she needs a big score to make things square between them. But there’s no time for that right now, as it turns out the clones are being watched by a hooded stranger. It’s Rex!

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In a fun twist, “Battle Scars” reveals that Rex was the mysterious individual the Martez sisters contacted after their adventure with Clone Force 99 on Corellia. He is also listed as dead in the Imperial archives, according to Tech. “Being dead in the eyes of the Empire has its advantages,” admits Rex. However, he is clearly surprised to learn that Omega is a clone like the rest of them. Omega, who is equally surprised at first to see others hug a reg, acknowledges that Rex is a Generation One clone based on the lines of his face. He is amused by this, but his joy is short-lived when Wrecker’s headache abruptly returns.

Worried, Rex quickly deduces that Wrecker’s inhibitor chip is malfunctioning. Despite Tech’s assurances that the “deviant nature” of Clone Force 99 has impeded the functionality of its chips, Rex is alarmed to learn that they have not been taken from the others. He begins to grab his gun and tells Hunter and the gang that they are ticking time bombs and a threat to those around them, including Omega. Poor Rex is clearly traumatized by Order 66, saying he doesn’t want to bury any more of his brothers. He tells them that it is not something that they cannot control either, insisting that the chips be taken from them as soon as possible. Fortunately, he knows how to do this.

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Hunter and the gang agree to meet Rex in Bracca, a Mid Rim world that Hunter refers to as “a starship graveyard.” They find a downed Jedi cruiser like the one that took Rex’s chip Star Wars, Clone Wars Season 7, but you must be careful to avoid the Scrapper Guild, which controls Bracca. (Omen!) Rex also warns them to stay above the planet’s waterline. (More omens!) Sure enough, when Wrecker falls into the water, he is attacked by a tentacled creature. No, it is not a tribute to the octopus of Lords of the rings, is a dianogo: the creature that attacked Luke Skywalker in the garbage compactor of the Death Star of A new hope.

With the help of the others, Wrecker protects the dianogo and the squad arrives at the Jedi cruiser’s medical bay. It’s run down, much to Tech’s chagrin, but it’s still working. Omega comforts a nervous Wrecker in yet another example of their adorable friendship. Omega is quite scared, admitting that she fears that if something goes wrong she will be left alone. Hunter promises him that won’t happen, assuring him, “You’re stuck with us for the long haul.” As the surgical capsule comes to life, Rex notices that very few clones were able to resist Order 66. Hunter admits that they did not understand why the Regs attacked the Jedi on Kaller and mentions allowing Kanan Jarrus to escape.

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Suddenly, Wrecker begins to strangle Tech! “You are in direct violation of Order 66,” he says in an unusually robotic way. He begins shooting the others, calling them traitors and even pinning Hunter up against a wall, telling him “All clones that violate Order 66 will be eliminated.” Omega bravely shoots her and gets Wrecker to chase her. She is able to sneak away thanks to her small stature and begs Wrecker to stop. Sadly, the inhibitor chip is too powerful, forcing Wrecker (who is clearly in danger) to repeat Crosshair’s chilling slogan: “Good soldiers follow orders.”

Fortunately, Rex can stun Wrecker before he kills Omega. They place it in the surgical capsule and it survives the chip removal process. Unfortunately, he does not regain consciousness immediately, leaving poor Omega sitting and waiting in concern. Rex suggests that Hunter bring Omega to the surface to get some air, but she insists on staying with Wrecker until he wakes up. Fortunately, he does and even begins to joke to cheer Omega on before apologizing for the above, saying that he struggled to control himself but couldn’t. In response, Omega offers him a handful of Mantell Mix, pointing out that they cannot break tradition. It’s a moving moment, to put it mildly.

Once the tokens are removed from the others, Rex contacts someone and promises that he will meet them at the appointment for their next rotation. Hunter overhears this and tells Rex that he thought he wasn’t out of the fight yet. “I spent my life defending the Republic. I can’t stop now, ”Rex responds. Hunter points out that the Republic is gone, but Rex argues that there is still something left, adding that Clone Force 99’s abilities would be a huge advantage. Hunter says he has to do what’s best for his squad, admitting he’s still figuring out what that is. Rex tells him to get in touch once he’s done, parting ways with Hunter with a note of hope before disappearing into the night.

Elsewhere, members of the Scrapper Guild are watching from afar. Having seen the clones, their leader orders his associates to contact the Empire. It’s not exactly a suspense, but it’s an ominous way to close an otherwise welcome meeting between Rex and the gang.

Created by Dave Filoni, Star Wars: The Bad Batch stars Dee Bradley Baker, Andrew Kishino, and Ming-Na Wen. New episodes premiere on Fridays on Disney +.

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