Summer House star Hannah Berner has revealed that the show’s reunion was utter ‘torture’ after the aftermath with the rest of the cast.

Summer house Star Hannah Berner had a rough season and almost everyone turned against her because of her attitude. He recently disclosed that the show’s meeting was absolute. ‘torture’ after the consequences with the rest of his roommates. Fans were shocked to see how the once-a-fan-favorite fell down the ladder.

Berner became the villain of this past season of Summer house once his roommates realized that he had been lying about his time with Luke Gulbranson. She had cried for weeks and ruined his relationship with a new girl. The former professional tennis player was controversial in her comments and comedy style. Not to mention, he turned away viewers when he decided to have sex in his roommates’ bathroom out of spite. She was called in for making fun of Gulbranson’s mental health struggle and for accusing Carl Radke of using drugs. The New Yorker tried to use her father’s harsh training as an excuse for her deal with Kyle Cook, but in the end, fans and the rest of the cast saw her, causing her to leave the show forever.

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Berner first appeared on the popular Bravo show in 2019, and fans liked him. She was sweet, talented, and didn’t try to be someone she wasn’t. But everything changed this summer. While talking to him Daily beastBerner revealed, “It was eight hours of torture. “The fans watched as the entire cast, with the exception of Ciara Miller and Paige DeSorbo, attacked the character of the reality star.

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Hannah Berner Summer House

The comedian revealed to the outlet that it was the right time to step away from the series and said: “Definitely, emotionally, I had a really tough pandemic.” Last May, Berner announced that she would step back and no one stopped her. Bravo’s personality told fans that he would take time out for his comedy career and to improve his skills.

The Summer house star is gearing up to speed up her perfectly dubbed summer tour “Broken house. “This summer, he will perform nationwide and will make stops in New York, Tennessee, Texas, New Jersey and Indiana. In 2020, he had another tour, but it was suspended due to the global pandemic. And although he apologized to most of his Former co-workers on stage, fans are very doubtful that an invitation will be extended to Cook and Amanda Batula’s upcoming nuptials.

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