Not only is The office one of the most loved shows of the 21st century, but it’s also one of the most rewritable shows of all time. Despite ending its nine-season run nearly a decade ago, fans still constantly revisit the show and relive their favorite moments.

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Of course, there are so many iconic moments to come out of the series, from Dwight’s impromptu fire drill to Kevin’s mishap. However, with a show as fun as this, there are also a number of great moments that go unnoticed. These heartwarming or funny scenes may not immediately stand out to fans, but they are valuable additions to The officebig moments.

10 Dwight’s Perfect Crime

While Dwight often comes across as a very serious and professional person, he also has a fantastic imagination. You think the world is like a movie or comic without realizing how implausible your ideas are.

Describing what he considers the perfect crime, Dwight begins with the heist of a priceless chandelier that quickly spirals out of control. It is about him being caught by a beautiful woman and seducing her, before escaping to Canada. However, she later discovers that she has a son who is now the chief of police. It seems to have all the details worked out and planned to perfection.

9 Cameo by Ray Romano

The office

In the season 7 finale, the office workers start searching for a new boss, and the hiring process includes cameos from various stars. While this includes big names like Jim Carrey and Robert California’s first appearance, the short part of Ray Romano is hilarious.

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He plays a very nervous and insecure man interviewing for work. But he quickly lets Robert California get into his head and the interview goes terribly wrong, and he decides to have lunch during it.

8 Kevin’s cookie analogy

When Robert California takes over as the company’s new CEO, it’s understandable that he takes the time to get to know the different people in the office. For example, he’s still not aware that Kevin isn’t the brightest guy out there, leading to a funny misunderstanding.

When Kevin raises a complaint about the cookies at the vending machine, Robert sees it as a brilliant analogy. However, when she encourages Kevin to share more ideas, they are also related to food. The look on Robert’s face when he realizes is priceless, followed by his reaction: “It was actually just cookies the whole time.”

7 Creed introduced himself

Creed is one of the most underrated characters on the show. Although he does not feature heavily in the main stories, his wild asides are hilarious and hint at a very interesting backstory. He is also very distant, seemingly not knowing the people he has worked with for years.

In the show’s third season, Creed is in the break room with Angela and Meredith. It’s no wonder Angela is offended by something and storms off. Creed sits across from Meredith and explains, “Andrea is the office bitch. You’ll get used to her.” He then introduces himself to a confused Meredith and proceeds to eat Angela’s lunch.

6 Michael’s Big Reunion

David Wallace and Michael speaking at The Office

For all his flaws, it’s sometimes nice to see Michael get an occasional win. After being called to corporate headquarters to meet with David Wallace, Michael assumes he’s in some kind of trouble.

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However, upon arrival, David explains that Michael’s branch is the only one that is really improving and he wants to know how he does it. Michael’s fear quickly turns to pride and excitement, so much so that he simply rambles incoherently. It’s a rare moment of recognition for Michael who feels earned.

5 Michael tells Jim a secret

Michael has had several awkward relationships throughout the series, but his choice to date Pam’s mother was particularly awkward. However, what makes everything more fun is that when he tells Jim about his new romance, Michael doesn’t understand why it would be a problem.

At first Jim thinks it’s a joke, but his mood changes when Michael correctly guesses the car Pam’s mom drives. Jim grows more and more nervous because Michael is indifferent. And when Toby walks by and asks Jim how the honeymoon was, Jim hilariously explodes with him.

4 Practice the sales call

Michael and Dwight on the phone with Jim - The Office

Even when his job is at stake, Jim will never miss an opportunity to mess with Dwight. After Jim and Dwight get bad reviews from customers, Michael asks them to make a mock sales call with Dwight trying to sell to Jim.

Of course, Jim immediately tries to mislead Dwight by choosing the name Bill Buttlicker and taking great offense at Dwight’s reaction. He continues to frustrate Dwight before Michael takes over and also gets caught up in the fake sales call. When “Buttlicker” offers him a million dollar sale if he fires Dwight, Michael takes it seriously.

3 Michael and Jim share a moment

Jim tells Michael a

It turns out that Jim has a history of being a bad birthday planner. When Michael goes out for the day, Jim decides to combine the monthly birthdays into one party. This proves to be a huge mistake as everyone fights for what they want for their party.

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When Michael returns, he tells Jim that he made the same mistake earlier and that Jim will learn in time. It’s a good time where Michael sees Jim as someone who will eventually replace him. It also includes Jim spouting a “that’s what he said” joke, much to Michael’s delight.

two Jim Frames Dwight

Every fan of The office is aware of Jim’s classic jokes about Dwight and there are so many memorable ones to remember. But this one seems to have been forgotten, as it is one of the rare ones that take place outside of the office.

While on a business trip to Florida, Dwight arrives early in Jim’s room to wake him up only to find him in a total mess with blood and a briefcase of money. Dwight naturally assumes Jim got mixed up with some bad people, then he sees a message written on the wall that says “It was Dwight!”

1 Jim and Dwight plan a party

Obviously, the antagonistic relationship between Jim and Dwight is one of the funniest aspects of the series. But as entertaining as it is to watch them fight each other, sometimes it’s even more fun when they’re forced to team up.

After the party planning committee dissolves, Jim and Dwight take charge and prove to be terrible at it. After missing Kelly’s birthday, they try to throw an impromptu party while Jim questions Dwight’s choice of brown and gray balloons, as well as a sign that reads “It’s your birthday.”

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