At the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala, Marvel’s mutant nation Krakoa has just discovered that a world power turned against them when a major villain returns.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Excalibur # 21 by Tini Howard, Marcus To, Erick Arciniega and Ariana Maher of VC, now on sale.

One of Marvel’s most powerful mystical threats, Morgan Le Fay was actually one of Krakoa’s first enemies when she became a new mutant nation: upon discovering that Krakoan Flowers formed a gateway to the Otherworld, Morgan attacked the Gate. of Krakoan and effectively declared war on “the race of witches”.

His defeat was an early victory for Excalibur, but now, as a result of the Akkaba Clan’s machinations in the UK and the death of Pete Wisdom, Le Fay has been returned to the land of the living and has apparently given his undivided attention. towards mutants.

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When Le Fay first faced the mutants, she was able to show how dangerous she was by capturing Brian Braddock and briefly corrupting him into her champion, which in turn resulted in Betsy Braddock becoming the new Captain Britain. . Alongside the Coven Akabba, a British cult of magic practitioners who worship Morgan and despise mutants, Morgan confronted the newly reunited Excalibur. Apocalypse was finally able to trick Morgan into putting up the throne of Avalon as a prize for a duel between the Braddock brothers that Betsy won. Naming Jamie Braddock as the King of Avalon, Apocalypse was able to effectively imprison Morgan le Fay and experiment with her to help him better master magic in order to reach through the Otherworld.

Despite being taken off the field from the start, Morgan le Fay’s influence has remained. Coven Akabba has operated in opposition to Excalibur and Captain Britain, and in their absence after his near death during X of spades, have successfully turned much of official British opinion against Betsy. Rising through the ranks of the UK’s power structures, one of its leaders, Reuben Brosseau, may even become Britain’s ambassador to the UN. This results in the termination of the UK’s alliance with Krakoa, a major blow to Krakoa globally. Although mutants are not prohibited from coming to the UK, the gates of Krakoa will be destroyed.

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They even announce their intention to try to take Braddock’s lighthouse from the mutants and Captain Britain as he resides on British soil, prompting Rictor to gather as many other druids as he could and separate it from the mainland to form a slightly new island independent of the island. Influence of Coven Akabba. But that’s not the last thing the Akabba Clan does against Krakoa. They also secretly bring Pete Wisdom back to their London reunion house and quickly capture him, using him as part of a ritual. By killing Wisdom to take his mutant blood, the Clan is able to infuse the energies of blood into Morgan le Fay’s face-down body within Avalon. This awakens her and breaks the chains that had previously held her, freeing her back into the world.

He even has the ability to break through the Krakoan Gates thanks to Wisdom’s mutant blood, giving him the ability to completely escape and return to Earth. Morgan returns to the world just in time to see the formation of Braddock Island, which is now the UK’s main Krakoa Gates, and seemingly disappears in a flash of green light. Morgan’s return should be a genuine concern for mutants, especially with the looming Inferno. Morgan’s presence could only complicate an already tense time for the mutant population, and throw off Krakoa’s few magical defenders, while threatening the advance the mutants have been trying to make as they extend their connections deeper into the world. Another world.

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