In the Harry Potter series, there are many obvious villains, or even antagonists, in the story. Voldemort is the main great enemy that Harry must defeat in order to save the wizarding world, but there are many others on the path that impede his journey, including many Death Eaters. There are also other antagonists, like Draco Malfoy, who are not on the same level of villainy and are more complex.

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However, there are some “villains” who go unnoticed. A lot of these are characters that aren’t exactly bad and can even be pretty good overall, but do get pretty messy stuff at times. They can react badly to conflict or they can be bad people that viewers often forget.

10 Ron Weasley

Harry Potter - Ron Weasley Knitwear

Ron Weasley is primarily a hero who does a lot of good and brave things, so he’s not really a villain. However, of the trio members, he has the most antagonistic moments and makes some pretty big mistakes. He is often overly jealous and insecure, and he vents these feelings to Hermione and Harry in various ways. He doesn’t treat the girls he dates so well and stops being friends with Harry more than once in the series.

9 Viktor Krum

Viktor Krum may not be exactly a villain, but there is something that is disgusting about him mainly after his appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. While it seemed to be fine in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and most of all he likes to keep to himself, he seemed much more arrogant and seemed to think he had a claim on Hermione because he was famous. So, he may not be a villain, but he’s not exactly nice.

8 Mundungus Fletcher

Mundungus is a pretty nasty character overall, but he appears more in the books than in the movies. He may not be a complete villain, but he is a criminal and a thief. It begins with the intention of doing good as a member of the Order of the Phoenix, but is careless and selfish. He ends up betraying the other members of the Order when he sells items from Grimmauld Place, and his carelessness is also what left Harry behind. only when the Dementors reached Little Whinging.

7 Xenophilius Lovegood

Xenophilius Lovegood is an interesting character because there are some things about him that are quite nice, but there are also many reasons not to like and distrust him. While betraying the trio with the Death Eaters is forgivable given that he was trying to save his daughter’s life, there are a couple of other issues with him that people forget.

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He is a conspiracy theorist who has some beliefs that would give others pause for being connected to dark wizards, even if he insists that he doesn’t see things that way. He also spread lies and untruths about the world in The Quibbler, and it’s hard to tell if he’s unhinged or dangerous.

6 Myrtle moaning

Moaning Myrtle is a victim, but also a bully. She didn’t deserve to die in any way since she was just a teenager, but she wasn’t really a good person when she was alive. She was teased by others, but then turned around and chased someone else for the rest of her life. He also acts quite inappropriately around Harry, and this is especially evident in the movies.

5 Rita skeeter

Rita skeeter

Rita Skeeter may not exactly be low-key being a bad person, but she’s often not talked about as much as she is about some of the other despicable characters in the series. This is partly because it doesn’t appear in movies as much as it does in books. In the books, he continually shows how cunning and vile he can be. She only cares about writing a lewd story and has no problem ruining people’s lives by telling lies.

4 Piers Polkiss

Dudley Dursley in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

While Dudley might be Harry’s first, and also one of his worst bullies, he has a redemption arc that makes him more likable than his parents. Yet for most of Harry’s life, Dudley was there to hurt him, tease him, and help make his life miserable. But, Dudley also had a group of friends who bullied Harry too. Dudley’s best friend was named Piers Polkiss, but he is not mentioned in the movies.

3 Marge dursley

Marge Dursley is an obvious villain and a cruel person, but her treatment of Harry is often not talked about as much because viewers only see him for a couple of scenes. However, in the books, the way he treated Harry is explained more clearly.

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While Marge may not have lived with Petunia and Vernon, she did come to visit them regularly. Whenever she did, she mercilessly messed with Harry. She was even meaner to him than the rest of the Dursleys and at one point even let his dog chase him up a tree and keep him from knocking him down for hours.

two Crabbe and Goyle

While Draco is often talked about for his redemption arc and complicated level of villainy, Crabbe and Goyle tend to go unnoticed. They are arguably much worse than Draco in the end. They become powerful dark wizards under the tutelage of Amycus and Alecto Carrow, and they enjoy hurting other students. Unlike Draco, they seem to have a real taste for cruelty and despite showing this in the final book, fans often don’t realize this because they don’t actually show much in the movies.

1 Argus filch

Argus filch

Argus Filch is a character that could easily be pitied if he weren’t so cruel. His plight as a squib is quite sad, but he absolutely hates Hogwarts students. They hate him in return because he is so strict and prone to getting people in trouble for nothing. And he also agreed with Umbdrige and was happy to see the students being physically tortured. Filch is quite a twisted character, but his evil is often forgotten because he is quite pathetic.

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