Superhero costumes are usually not known for being the most practical or even physically possible at times, as they are generally designed to attract readers visually and reflect the character rather than focus on being really useful, which can sometimes be dangerous for fans. layers and The Incredibles they are very aware.

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However, there are some superhero costumes that would actually be quite useful if they existed in the real world. Not because of the costume design and how it would look on our daily errands, but because of a helpful app featured by some of the unique comic book costumes that we’ll explore further today.

10 Flash’s friction resistant costume could help with flight suits and more

Barry Allen’s incredibly superspeed as The Flash forced him to design a specially treated costume that could not only shrink and fit inside his trusty Flash Ring, but was also resistant to the extreme heat and friction he created while running at such speed. high speeds for long periods of time.

While it would be awesome to be able to have a spare set of clothing inside a ring for emergencies, the most useful real-world application of the Flash costume would be as a flight suit for test pilots or in a more simple, phenomenal form. -Distance marching equipment.

9 The Fantastic Four’s unstable molecule suits are essentially indestructible.

The Fantastic Four’s unique power set forced Reed Richards to invent new costumes created with unstable molecules that were able to adapt to the wearer’s unique physical changes, such as becoming invisible to Sue Storm or bursting into flames when Johnny Storm became the human. . Torch.

Richards would use this material to make unstable molecule costumes for other heroes who were better equipped to withstand extreme temperatures and damage not seen in our world, which could be useful in emergency positions like firefighters.

8 Pepper Pott’s Rescue Armor was designed with search and rescue in mind

While Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor is obviously one of the most useful inventions and costumes with a number of real-world applications, it is still designed primarily for superheroes despite Stark calling it an advanced prosthetic in the MCU. However, Pepper Potts’ Rescue Armor was specifically designed to eliminate Stark’s weaponry in order to focus on search and rescue technology.

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This was done to better serve Potts’ wishes to help people and avoid the life of a superhero. The rescue armor was capable of generating magnetic force fields and amplifying and protecting the user while also featuring advanced scanning equipment that would be useful in real-world searches.

7 The Prowler team was originally created to help you wash your windows

Hobie Brown in his updated Prowler costume

Hobie Brown was the original character known as The Prowler, and although he started out as a villain, he soon became a close ally of Spider-Man, who eventually assumed the identity of The Hornet using technology he had previously designed for Spidey.

Brown’s original equipment for his Prowler costume included buckshot-firing bracelets and steel climbing claws that he had designed to aid him in his job as a window cleaner, though he repurposed his designs to help him become the Prowler. Steel climbing claws would be especially useful in real life for all kinds of jobs and hobbies.

6 Batman costume would actually be great for caving and BASE jumping

Bruce Wayne used all the impressive resources at his disposal along with his own intelligence to create both his costume as Batman and the various tools and gadgets he uses in his fight against crime, although much of that work is also due to Lucious Fox and other minds at Wayne Enterprises.

This was explored on the big screen in Christopher Nolan The dark knight trilogy in which Wayne wore advanced body armor, a grapple gun, and a memory cloth cape that he said was for cave diving / caving and BASE jumping to conceal his targets, although ironically these features of his costume would be excellent for all those activities.

5 Stingray’s armor would help oceanographers explore more underwater

The underwater Avenger known as the Stingray may not be the most popular member of the team, as the same passion for deep ocean exploration that inspired him to build his high-tech armor also keeps him away from an ongoing career as a superhero.

Dr. Walter Newell’s Stingray Suit allows you to breathe underwater and survive deep pressure, while also gaining extreme mobility underwater unmatched by current underwater craft and a protective electrical discharge that would completely change shape. in which humanity explored the ocean.

4 Ant-Man’s changing suit would have many applications in the real world

Marvel's Ant-Man

Hank Pym’s Pym Particles are the true miracle workers when it comes to their resizing technology, although disguise is an important part of the process and provides valuable life support requirements when needed as the wearer potentially shrinks smaller than oxygen molecules.

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There are quite a few real-world applications for the Ant-Man resizing suit ranging from increasing the size to better construct large buildings and moving heavy materials to reducing it to a size that allows medics to physically enter a body. and examine a patient. no life-threatening procedures.

3 Venom symbiote was able to replace Flash Thompson’s severed limbs

Superheroes wear all kinds of suits in their work, from armored suits to sometimes even living beings as shown by the Lethal Protector known as Venom, an alien symbiote who teams up with hosts like Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson to become powerful heroes.

While a life support alien symbiote has definite benefits, it is most apparent with Flash Thompson, as the Venom symbiote was able to completely replace the legs he lost during his service as a Marine, which would obviously benefit real-life veterans already. others who have. limbs lost, provided the symbiote’s sometimes murderous alien element was removed.

two The Falcon’s wingsuit would change the way humans moved around the world

While the comic version of Sam Wilson / The Falcon got his advanced flight suit thanks to advanced technology from Black Panther and the Wakandans, the first appearance of the MCU version of the character provided a more grounded take on the creation of his suit. of wings as an experimental paratrooper. project for the military.

Humanity is already constantly trying to find new ways to fly through the air by skydiving or other means, so Falcon’s wings would only bring even more people into the air to see the world or even simply to avoid traffic.

1 The Blue Beetle suit can survive extreme environments and create powerful weapons

Blue beetle

Jaime Reyes found a mysterious beetle that was connected to previous superheroes called the Blue Beetle, but he was the only one he actually bonded with after he fused with his spine and covered him in a powerful and advanced alien suit.

The Blue Beetle’s protective armor increased its physical strength and allowed it to survive in harsh environments like the interior of volcanoes or even deep space that would serve first responders or astronauts. The Blue Beetle suit is also capable of reforming to produce various tools and weapons, further extending its usefulness in the real world.

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