Calvin Ellis, the Earth-23 version of Superman, was introduced by Grant Morrison during the 2008s. Final Crisis event. Not only was he his version of the Man of Steel, but he was also President of the United States.

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Since its first appearance, it has appeared in the New 52 version of Action comicsBy Morrison Multiversity maxi-series and, more recently, on the pages of Infinite border. Its growing popularity has provided the impetus for Calvin to debut as the next live-action Superman movie. However, is President Ellis better than the Superman everyone knows, Clark Kent?

10 Calvin is President of the United States

Calvin as president is enough for this list

This is the biggest difference between Calvin and Clark, and it shouldn’t be discounted. Despite the opportunities Clark has had on Earth-0, he has never run for government office. It only takes place in the Elseworlds stories. Elsewhere, like the Injustice universe, Clark has simply taken over the world.

Calvin Ellis decided to take on this responsibility. It’s something more overwhelming than fighting Lex Luthor. Destroying his diabolical creations is one thing. Ensuring that 350 million people are fed and protected is another. It is a level of power that Clark is neither ready nor willing to wield.

9 He is an integral leader

Calvin is a comprehensive leader

Comic book readers tend to compare Clark’s leadership skills to those of Marvel’s Captain America. However, they are not the same. Most of the heroes of Earth-616 and some of their villains revere Cap. Those in the DC Comics world tend to criticize its seemingly limitless power.

Yes, Calvin Ellis has his criticisms. After all, he is President of the United States. Still, he retains the respect of Steve Rogers. In addition, you can handle the leadership of more than one team. As well as being the key person for Earth-23’s Justice League, he is also the main person for the Multiverse team known as Justice Incarnate.

8 Calvin is a citizen of the multiverse

Calvin is more in tune with the multiverse than Clark

Calvin was somewhat familiar with the Multiverse in Final Crisis and her initial New 52 debut. However, it wasn’t until her spotlight on Multiversity who became a true citizen. In a short period, he traveled to Lands he did not know existed and met dozens of new heroes. He was the one who brought these super powerful beings together to prevent the Multiverse from collapsing.

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Now, Calvin has taken on the role of exploring the Omniverse, created after the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal. Your intuition is to solve some of its mysteries. On the other hand, Clark is willing to let other heroes deal with this new experience while he handles problems closer to home.

7 Has the ability to multitask

Calvin can multitask more easily than Clark

Before he decided to let the world know that he was Clark Kent, Superman was having a hard time multitasking. This was certainly the case when he unexpectedly ended up on a mission through space. Although his Superman Robots were available to tackle tough situations, he lacked a Clark Kent Robot to meet his deadlines in the Daily planet.

Calvin doesn’t seem to have this problem. Sure, it could be out of the Oval Office for a while. However, it relies on digital and human replacements to help. Also, Calvin seems to have a better idea of ​​time management when it comes to threats. For example, you can fight Luthor and get back in time for a senior staff meeting.

6 Calvin is more tech-oriented

Coming from an island of Kryptonian scientists, Calvin is more tech-oriented.

Clark really is not a scientist. Although he has a general sense of things thanks to various visions (telescopic, microscopic and X-ray, for example), he is not on the technological levels of Ted Kord or Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four. His inherent abilities are grounded in the art of inquiry.

The Kalel of Earth-23 was born and raised on Krypton in the scientific capital of Vathlo Island. Up until that point, their versions of Jorel and Lara were probably more tech-oriented, and that trickled down to Calvin. It is the reason why you can discover complicated machinery. On top of that, he has the help of the Brainiac from that universe to add more information.

5 He’s not romantically tied

Superman Calvin Ellis

For the past eight decades, Superman has been around and he’s been in big trouble. It is not kryptonite. Rather, it has been his infatuation with Lois Lane. It has caused her to stop in the middle of battle to save her from one precarious event or another. On Superman: The Movie, Clark went back in time to save Lois. Several deadly villains have escaped due to their bravery.

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This is not the case with Calvin. He has no romantic interest to stop him. Well, at least none that have been revealed. Instead, fight villains on Earth and beyond with a different approach.

4 Calvin defends himself

Calvin was taught to defend himself no matter the cost.

Due to their different upbringings on Earth, Calvin and Clark walked on different sides of justice when they grew up. Clark grew up in rural Smallville. Although he was told to defend himself against bullies, John and Martha Kent told him not to reveal his powers.

Calvin was raised by a poor but loving couple in town, so the way he grew up was different. That’s why Calvin was told by his adoptive parents to always stand up for himself and what mattered. In turn, he decided to go into politics to do the same for others.

3 Interferes in international situations

Calvin uses his power to intervene in international affairs.

Clark is more than willing to destroy ships and armies invading Earth from other planets. You are not so sure doing this against the forces of your own planet. It definitely helps where it’s needed, but it won’t dismantle entire foreign governments.

Calvin has no such scruples. He will destroy the infrastructure of a corrupt government with no regard for even his fellow Justice League compatriots. Then, once they are at the point where they need to start from scratch, Calvin invites their leaders to join the rest of the world. It is a perverse form of diplomacy.

two Calvin is more sure of who he is

Calvin Ellis is better than Clark Kent

Clark hasn’t been sure of himself since the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths. He has doubted his powers, his responsibilities, and his place on Earth. He renounced his US citizenship and took a tour of the US to recover once more.

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This is not the case with Calvin. Frankly, you can’t be sure of yourself. If so, then his presidency would be a failure. You need to be sure of your decisions and your own responsibilities. It’s the only way to stay in control and not fall apart by playing the role of world leader and rescuer.

1 He did not die

Calvin Ellis has not died or disappeared as many times as Clark Kent

Technically, this is not fair to Clark. He died (temporarily) fighting Doomsday so that others, including his friends, could live. Failure could have meant total destruction for Metropolis and the world.

However, it appears that Calvin Ellis would have found another way to defeat Doomsday. With his technical knowledge, he could have detected the villain’s journey through space and stopped before reaching Earth. After defeating Doomsday while in space, Calvin could have returned to the White House in time for a State Dinner.

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