Despite having studied xenomorphs for nearly eighty years, Weyland-Yutani still makes a fatal mistake in containing the alien.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Alien # 3!

Marvel’s new Alien The series has just revealed one of the dumbest mistakes made by the futuristic Weyland-Yutani corporation in their study of the Xenomorph species. While the story takes place nearly eighty years after the events of the first film, starring Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, fans could be forgiven for believing that humanity’s first encounter with bloodthirsty aliens was much more. recent.

As Weyland-Yutani has been capturing and studying apex predators for decades at this point, one would think that the corporation would have developed countermeasures to ensure that the Xenomorphs were stripped of all possible advantages should they escape. Despite this, human spaceships and space stations still suffer from a critical design flaw that allows xenomorphs to dominate the dark and claustrophobic environments that humanity occupies on the final frontier.

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On Alien # 3 By writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Salvador Larroca, former Weyland-Yutani employee Gabriel Cruz has boarded the Epsilon Space Station as it collapses from orbit to retrieve Weyland-Yutani’s most prized asset: the modified Alpha Xenomorph embryo genetically. When Cruz and his colonial marine escort board the station, they discover that it is already infested with xenomorphs and that they have exhausted the station’s security measures. And when the team attempts to destroy a pair of Xenomorphs, the creatures quickly escape through the station’s suspended ceiling, revealing a fatal flaw in the design and construction of Epsilon Station and, indeed, most of the human spacecraft seen. throughout the territory. Alien franchise.

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As seen in Alien # 3, Epsilon Station features suspended ceilings that can be easily opened to access the vents and other internal components of the boat. In the fiction of Alien franchise, this style of construction is preferred by most of the human ships shown so far, due to the ease of access it provides for maintenance, especially on ships and stations manned by a small crew. As a result, the rooms of most ships are connected through an extensive system of vents and tunnels hidden just behind the apparent surface. While this alleviates the amount of work that engineers must do to keep the ships running, the unrivaled access to all areas of the ship provides a huge advantage to the xenomorphs when they are finally released onto human ships.

The Xenomorphs of the Alien Franchises are nothing but incredibly nimble and agile. As ambush predators, their agility and stealth abilities allow them to exploit humanity’s design oversight when it comes to their spaceships. Xenomorphs can not only quickly navigate structures like the Epsilon Station, but they can also disappear without a trace until they are ready to kill again. Establishing barricades and bulkheads to cut off the alien advance is worthless if the Xenomorphs can access the roof and bypass hallways and doors entirely. On Alien # 3, Cruz and his men barely manage to hit the Xenomorphs before they jump quickly and escape through the roof. Despite studying these creatures for decades, and Epsilon Station’s mission to experiment with the most dangerous form of the species, Weyland-Yutani still hasn’t bothered to build a station other than the ideal hunting ground for a Xenomorph.

For a megacorporation with interests in bioweapons and construction, The long-standing Weyland-Yutani design The oversight is inexcusable and downright stupid given the corporation’s grand plans for the Xenomorphs and the nearly limitless resources to correct this flaw in their facilities and ships. While not all ships can be alien-proof, the Epsilon station certainly should have been, and Cruz’s team is now paying the price for Weyland-Yutani’s lack of caution. Marvel Alien The series proves once again that the megacorporation’s myopia is part of what makes the Xenomorph threat so incredibly dangerous to humanity.

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