Captain America and the Black Widow go to hunt down Hector Bautista, a former prisoner who obtained the powers of the Time Stone.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain America Annual # 1 (Infinite Destinies) by Marvel Comics below.

Captain America goes after the Stone of Time, as the current wielder has fused with the powerful gem to become a Infinity stone. In a new preview of Captain America Annual # 1, which is part of the next Infinite destinations In Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers and Black Widow will try to locate Hector Bautista, who has merged with the Time Stone.

Marvel Comics is reintroducing the Infinity Stones in a remarkable way, as all six gems have teamed up with the hosts and given them incredible powers. In 2018 Infinite wars At the event, Adam Warlock dropped the stones, and each of them found a person to fuse with. Most famously, Ryan Ripley became the anti-hero star after bonding with the Reality Stone. The Space Stone chose Quantum, who was last seen in Iron Man Annual # 1. Meanwhile, the Power Stone was literally swallowed by a man named Prince of Power, whom Marvel describes as an “idiot.” The whereabouts of the other stones will be revealed, as characters such as Amulet, White Fox, and Taegukgi will appear at the event.

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On Captain America Annual # 1 of Gerry Duggan, Marco Castiello and Ruth Redmond, Captain America and Black Widow are on the hunt for Hector Bautista. Bautista was a former prisoner who was wrongly convicted of murder. Just before he was executed, the Time Stone fused with him, allowing Bautista to bend time at his will.

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Infinite Destinies Captain America Infinity Stones

Infinite Destinies Captain America Infinity Stones

Captain America and Black Widow arrive in Texas, where a store captures Bautista on camera. Rogers wonders if the man they’re looking for is closer than they think.

Infinite Destinies Captain America Infinity Stones

The story changes to Bautista in a barn, throwing a baseball at a wall. He wonders why the Time Stone chose him and regrets that he can’t go back and change the worst parts of his past. Bautista notes that he still feels like he’s locked in his own head with everything that happened to him.

Infinite Destinies Captain America Infinity Stones

Captain America introduces himself to Bautista, who wonders why the Marvel hero will not leave him alone, since he is not breaking any laws. Cap explains that he just wants to make sure no one gets hurt, but Bautista tells him that he will try to go back in time and fix everything that went wrong. That’s when Black Widow launches a surprise attack.

Infinite Destinies Captain America Infinity Stones

Bautista must feel that his life was in vain behind bars, as he served time for a heinous crime he did not commit. The Time Stone that chooses it should feel like a blessing and a curse at the same time. It remains to be seen if Captain America and Black Widow’s good and bad cop routine will work, as time travel antics are surely on the record for the man who makes a living. Infinity stone. Captain America Annual # 1 is in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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