DC is the undisputed retcon king of continuity. It seems that every two years there is some event that shakes the universe, and then everything changes. Most people think it started with Crisis on Infinite Earths but it’s been going on for years, as the continuity of the DC Universe was always quite malleable and subject to change. This has worked for and against the publisher.

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As the industry became more event-driven, DC released bigger stories that promised radical change. Sometimes those changes enriched everything, making the characters they played better. Other times, they just made things worse, either because they took things away or made things even more complicated.

10 Improved Retconning: Wonder Woman’s origin has always improved after Retcons

Wonder Woman is one of DC’s greatest heroes and the toughest woman in the universe. She paved a way for all the female superheroes that came after her, but her original Golden Age origin can be a bit difficult. While it is full of utopian feminism, there are also many strange elements of bondage and it is a product of its time.

Wonder Woman’s origin has often been greatly enhanced by retcons- after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Writer / artist George Perez brought things closer to his Greek mythological roots and later Flash point, writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang turned around everything readers thought they knew about the Amazons, making things better.

9 Retcons Hurt: Wally West keeps getting kicked by Retcons

Wally West graduated from Kid Flash to Flash due to the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths but that was the last time a DC event book did him a favor. Wally becomes a fan favorite character like Flash; For many, he’s the best Flash, but it seems like every time DC reconnects in recent years, Wally is victimized.

Has been sent to the Speed ​​Force in both Zero hour Y Infinite Crisis and was completely retconned out of existence by Flash point. Fans were happy with his return in DC Revival # 1 but then he kicked it again. Things are looking better for him lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to last.

8 Improved Retcons: Putting the heroes of the Golden Age in their own land started the multiverse

DC had a novel way of dealing with its Golden Age heroes. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman had debuted back then and the creators of Silver Age DC just didn’t want to deal with it. They couldn’t say exactly what happened, but they didn’t want to quit either because the Justice Society was there too and they’re great.

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So for everything to work, Gardner Fox moved the Golden Age Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and their friends in the JSA to their own Earth, Earth-2, a move that would set the DC Multiverse in motion and lead to decades of great stories and crossovers.

7 Retcons injured: legion of superheroes abused by Retcons crisis

The Legion of Super-Heroes has gone through many changes over the years, but the most damaging were the retcons needed to Crisis on Infinite Earths. Superboy was pretty much the most important member of the team, the inspiration for them, and Supergirl was a big part of things too, so both of them were no more and they screwed up a lot.

The writers tried to take it easy and fix things as they went along, but they were never successful and this would lead to more retcons. The Legion used to be hugely popular, but as the retcons changed everything, the series continued to decline in popularity and never recovered.

6 Enhanced Retcons: Bringing Justice Society back to the DC Proper universe gave a whole sense of legacy

While putting the heroes of the Golden Age on their own Earth was a good idea for a while, DC decided that their Multiverse complicated things and needed some optimization. IOC brought everything back together in one Earth and eliminated redundancies, such as Golden Age Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

The JSA was put back into continuity as it existed during WWII and this gave the DC Universe something new: a sense of legacy. Heroes like Flash and Green Lantern had heroic ancestors and there were dozens of B-list heroes who owed their existence to the JSA, as well as being the inspiration for the Justice League. It gave DC a feeling that set it apart from Marvel.

5 Retcons Hurt: Recall Past Events Over a Five Year Period for the New 52 Hurt Everything

New 52 DC Comics

The New 52 is probably DC’s most infamous retcon. For one thing, it gave the publisher a short-term sales boost that made him look good and was responsible for some fan-favorite stories and races. However, her reputation is mostly negative now and one of the reasons for that was that no one really set an event timeline for her.

Readers didn’t really know what events did or didn’t happen, and what made matters worse was that everything had to happen in a five-year window, which was now the amount of time the heroes had existed on Earth-0, the New 52. . Land. This generated many questions that were never answered and fans were very unhappy with all of this.

4 Retcons Helped: Bringing Back Post-Crisis Superman & Lois Lane Led To Super Revival

While Batman and Wonder Woman flew high throughout New 52, ​​Superman wasn’t so lucky. It started well with Grant Morrison Action comics But after that it all went downhill, as the Superman books became a revolving door for creators. However, fans would receive an unexpected gift from a story that no one liked. Convergence– the return of the post-Crisis Superman and Lois.

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Steps were taken to wipe out 52 new versions of both characters and were replaced by their older versions, which brought in his son Jon, leading to some of the best Superman stories in years. Eventually another retcon would make it so they were always the canon versions and fans couldn’t have been happier.

3 Retcons Hurt: The New 52 Returning the justice society to its own land was a huge mistake

Before the success of New 52, ​​the Justice Society of America had one of the best books in DC. The team had a legion of new fans who loved them and the legacy they had presented to the DC Universe. So when the New 52 returned them to their own Earth, fans were not only puzzled but angry.

The resulting Earth-2 The book got off to a good start, but things got weird in the end and it led to all sorts of changes that not everyone loved. It also removed the inherited vibe that informed the DC Universe for so long and was a huge misstep, one that the publisher has only now begun to correct.

two Improved Retcons: CoIE vastly improved the DC Universe

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths it set the tone for the future of DC and remains the most important retcon story in all of comics. DC decided that their Multiverse was keeping new readers away and decided to eliminate it. By turning to the team of superstar writers and artists Marv Wolfman and George Perez to fix it, the result was one of the best event books of all time.

IOC produced changes to the DC Universe that would make it better in the eyes of crowds of fans. Mail-Crisis DC is loved by generations of fans and continuity always seems to come back to it whenever things are changed.

1 Retcons Ruined: CoIE Ruined Hawkman For Decades

DC Hawkman

Weather IOC In general, it improved the DC Universe, there is a character that hurts immensely: Hawkman. Golden Age Hawkman was a reincarnated pharaoh, Silver Age Hawkman was an alien cop, and the Multiverse separated them and it made sense. However, putting it all back together broke the character.

For years, no one really knew what to do with the character and multiple retcons were made to try and make sense of what IOC had done to the character.

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