Level 9 spells can allow a Dungeons & Dragons player to dominate the game, but a caster needs to know which spells are the correct ones to choose.

The ninth level spells are the most powerful in Dungeons and Dragons, but few players have the opportunity to advance a character to those divine heights. With the right choices, those spells can give the caster everything they dreamed of when they first took a spell book, but only if they make the right decisions regarding which spells to prepare.

Most ninth-level spells are incredibly useful in one way or another, but knowing which ones are best and for what circumstances they’re ideal for is the key to mastering the game. Even for the most powerful level 20 character, 9th level spell slots are a precious and limited resource that should not be wasted. These spells take full advantage of that incredible power.

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The simplest purpose a caster could have is to deal damage in combat, and to that end, Swarm of meteorites It is the best of the best. As possibly the most devastating combat spell in the game, Meteor Swarm rains fire from the skies to cover an immense radius that few enemies will be able to escape while dealing up to 40d6 damage. As a bonus, the spell specifically damages objects such as buildings, so casters seeking to ascend to the heights of their power journey could devastate an entire city as a one-man army.

On the flip side of things, having the ability to heal is also an important part of combat. Clerics who serve as healers in their party gain access to the best healing spell in the entire game: Massive healing. This ninth-level spell allows its caster to dish out 700 hit points among any number of creatures within range, allowing a cleric to turn a battle around as efficiently as possible. It’s always excruciating trying to prioritize between different allies when healing, but this spell solves the problem by healing everyone.

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However, these are not the best combat spells in the game; that honor is for Forecast, a spell that requires no concentration, lasts eight hours and gives its target the advantage on attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws. The target can’t be surprised either, and anyone who tries to attack it is at a disadvantage. The spell works by granting a limited vision of the future to the person who benefits from it, resulting in a spell so versatile that it is practically never a bad idea to cast it. If a caster is about to take a long break and hasn’t used his ninth-level slot yet, he could also cast Foresight.

Foresight is great because it can be used in almost any combat encounter, but there are two more ninth-level spells that are worth mentioning because they are great in and out of combat. True polymorph, allows its caster to transform into any creature of equal or lower level, turning it into a tool that can be used to solve almost any problem. Another powerful option is To stop time, which does exactly what its name suggests. This has obvious combat applications, but it also gives the launcher the freedom to control almost any scenario.

Last but certainly not least, Wish deserves a mention. This is, hands down, the most powerful spell in the game, allowing its caster to shape reality itself. However, that power has a drawback; Desire is known to be karmically counterproductive so severely that the world is more broken than fixed. Those who wield it must do so wisely, as the world can be saved or destroyed with this supreme power.

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