In the Fallout series universe, Vault-Tec may have been monitoring the experiments in its vaults the entire time.

Fall is one of Bethesda’s most recognized titles, encompassing six full titles and a handful of derivatives. The world of Fall It was a dystopia inspired by the 1950s before nuclear war turned vast swaths of North America into an atomic wasteland. Things only deteriorated from there, with hostile aliens, strange mutants (including hideously oversized insects), raider gangs, shadow government forces (and worse) fighting for control. Prewar civilization wondered who would protect them in the inevitable nuclear Armageddon.

Enter Vault-Tec. Defended by Vault Boy’s merry mascot and advertising itself as saviors, Vault-Tec hid a sinister modus operandi. While a lucky few were able to reside in the relatively benign Control Vaults, most of the vault dwellers were subjected to a variety of ghoulish and often mind-blowing experiments. After the apocalypse, Vault-Tec executives appear to have gone off the radar and failed to communicate with their vault supervisors. Could Vault-Tec still be out there, waiting?

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For one thing, gamers certainly know for a fact that Vault-Tec has connections within the Enclave. Hired by the US government before the war for Project Safehouse, Vault-Tec was intended to provide shelter to the public in the event of nuclear devastation, yet only seventeen of the known vaults in Fall they were actually designed to do so. The rest of the Vaults, which included experiments from the annoying to the downright lethal, were meant to provide information to the Enclave. It is unknown what the Enclave intended to use this information for, but the Enclave is known to have a habit of surviving destruction led by the protagonists.

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Fallout enclave may be monitoring Vault experiments

Fallout Enclave

Vault 87 gives credence to the idea that Vault-Tec, through the Enclave, is still monitoring things to some degree. Appearing in Fallout 3Vault 87 was a testing ground for the FEV, or Forced Evolutionary Virus, intended to create superhumans but instead create super mutants. While it is not the first place FEV has been implemented, nor the origin of the Super Mutants, it is hard to believe that the Enclave does not keep an eye on the place. In fact, in the game, the Enclave appears in Vault 87 competing with the Lone Wanderer to retrieve a GECK, another strange thing to leave in an unmonitored Vault.

Players are also aware that some form of remote monitoring has been implemented for select Vaults. Vault 111 in particular featured an experiment in cryostasis that was meant to be remotely monitored after 180 days. It is unclear if Vault-Tec monitored this location as they did not make contact with staff at the site as Fallout 4 protagonist the only survivor discover. Without everything clear, the supervisor refused to allow staff to leave, sparking a riot. Whether something went wrong or this was another twisted experiment on the human psyche, it is undeniable that Vault-Tec at least relied on its remote monitoring capabilities.

An optional location in Fallout 4 hints at possible answers. Covenant, an anti-synth settlement in the Commonwealth, uses a modified version of Vault’s GOAT test to root out suspicious synths. Interestingly, although the player cannot fail the test, it is noted that he is inaccurate in the game, leaving open the possibility that the Sole Survivor could be a synth. Combined with Vault-Tec’s ties to the Enclave, and given that a key part of the Enclave’s ideology is the subhuman status of all mutated humans, an interesting question arises. Is the Enclave, through Vault-Tec, trying to discover the essence of humanity?

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If the Enclave is still involved in the experiments, players may already know how they are monitoring the Vaults. Developed by RobCo, the Eyebot has been used by the Enclave throughout Fall universe to spread propaganda, spy on wastelands, and even call in Enclave forces. In particular, Eyebots work underground in subway networks that the player can explore. It is possible that this same technology is used in the vaults.

With more Fallout 76 planned and upcoming single player content Fall Probably an outing yet, the wait for more information on the Vault-Tec agenda and the current status could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Meanwhile, theories abound.

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