Innersloth is officially adding a Sheriff role to Among Us, and it might be a bit different from the fan-created role mods that have appeared.

In the last six months, countless modifications have arrived Among us, Innersloth’s social deduction game that has become a huge part of pop culture. One of the most popular fan-created mods is the Sheriff role, but now Innersloth has announced that they will be adding an official version of this role soon. This is how the official role of the Sheriff can be different from that of the mods.

The Summer Game Fest 2021 trailer for Among us showcased many exciting new features, including teasing a fifth map. The trailer also revealed that new roles would be coming to the game, though only the scientist and the sheriff were confirmed. Modified roles have become wildly popular in Among us, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that Innersloth is going to add some officers of his own. However, the trailer did not elaborate on how these new roles will work.

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Presumably the Sheriff role will work similar to how the role mod has already done. The Sheriff mod on Among us Allows a player assigned to that role to shoot a teammate they believe is the imposter. If they are right, the teammates win the game; however, if they are wrong, the Sheriff also dies. It’s a high-stakes, high-reward mechanic that would definitely be welcomed in an official capacity, but the Sheriff of Innersloth may not work exactly the way the mod does.

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Why (and how) the role of the Sheriff of Innersloth may be different

Between Us 100 Player Sheriff Mods

In the popular modified version, bailiffs usually only get one shot. Innersloth can increase the number of bullets a Sheriff has, or it can remove this feature entirely. The Sheriff’s in-game footage from the Summer Game Fest trailer did not show the player with specific weapons, so it’s always possible that the role is more aligned with deduction aspects, such as examining a crime scene or being able to see clues, rather than a more vigilante-type approach.

It’s also possible for Innersloth to remove such a steep penalty for shooting the wrong player. While you only have one option, increase the tension on Among us, may discourage some players from trying the new role. However, it will be necessary to introduce some type of penalty or limit to the Marshals, to prevent the players assigned to the role from simply running into a round with their weapons on. So it’s certainly possible that the Sheriff works more like a detective role in Among us, searching for clues and trying to locate the impostor with a new set of special abilities.

Until now, it is difficult to predict exactly to what extent the sheriff’s official role in Among us it will be compared with the modified versions. However, it is quite likely that the two versions are similar in at least some capacities, even if Innersloth makes some changes.

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