In The Heights director Jon Chu shares a video of the audience singing and dancing alongside the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit.

In the heights It looks like it’s already a huge hit with moviegoers, as director Jon M. Chu shared a video of the audience cheering and dancing along with the film in theaters. In the heights is based on the hit Broadway play of Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. It was Miranda’s first successful Broadway musical in the mid-2000s before the Hamilton boom in the 2010s.

In the heights takes place in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood and follows a group of Latino residents who are seeing the neighborhood change before their eyes. Local winery owner Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) spends the summer heat wave dreaming of a better life in the Dominican Republic to reopen his late father’s business. The star / storyteller is surrounded by a tight-knit group of neighbors who sing and dance through their dreams for a brighter future amid the grueling heat.

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While HBO Max surprised viewers at home by launching In the heights On the broadcast a day earlier, viewers still seemed to flood theaters to get the old-school viewing experience along with the treasures of other Broadway fans. Chu shared a video on Twitter, after sneaking into a few theaters, to show a packed audience standing in their seats to cheer and dance to the film as it aired. It’s almost as poignant as the plot of the movie itself and is more like a live concert than a movie premiere. You can see his full Twitter post below:

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Together with Ramos, In the heights stars Leslie Grace, Corey Hawkins, Melissa Barrera, Stephanie Beatriz, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Olga Merediz, and Jimmy Smits. Miranda and Warner Bros. began production on the film in 2018, with their eyes set on a 2020 release. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the film was delayed until 2021 to become one of many Warner Bros. films. with a theatrical release and HBO Max. It is the first major musical event of the year, as film adaptations of Dear Evan Hansen Y West Side Story it’s expected to premiere later in 2021. And it’s a fitting first, considering In the heights comes on the heels of last year’s Disney + smash hit Hamilton adaptation, which only further boosted Miranda’s star power.

As Chu mentioned in his post, In the heights is a perfect movie to reintroduce the summer cinematic experience after a year of viewers stuck with mostly streaming-only options. In the heights He already had a lot of excitement before its release, considering the Broadway musical is a Tony Award winner and its rave reviews from critics ahead of the premiere. Also, due to its feel-good history and invigorating music numbers, In the heights It really feels like a celebration of not just its infectious plot but the return of packed theatrical premieres in general.

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