The Avengers They are the first superhero team of Marvel Comics. While the X-Men and the Fantastic Four have their die-hard fans, the long and sometimes ridiculous history of the Avengers combined with the success of the MCU has made Earth’s mightiest Heroes the cornerstone of the Marvel Universe. Comics.

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As such, many different writers, artists, and publishers have had their time with the Avengers. This can lead to conflicting views and conflicting events. Having a long, winding continuity is a sure way to end up with multiple plot holes, and the Avengers are no exception to this rule. In fact, they have more than their fair share.

10 Ultron’s many deaths and resurrections

Retrieving stories in Marvel history has always been a tense practice, and Ultron’s Rage Rick Remender and Jerome Opena threw several wrenches at the Ultron saga. There have been many “final deaths” of Ultron over the years, many of which implied that all of its data was located on a single drone or computer before being destroyed. Ultron’s Rage Ultron was shot into space years ago on a Quinjet computer, but Ultron came back several times in the intervening years so it didn’t work.

Another such example came with Annihilation: Conquest by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, where Ultron merged with Phalanx’s consciousness, and Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy brought Ultron down “forever” again. Of course, he came back with Ultron age by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch and again at the conclusion of Ultron’s Rage, where Ultron merges with Hank Pym.

9 The death of the original human torch to create the vision

Ultron created the View abducting and altering the synthetic body of the original Invader Human Torch. This was a big deal and it seemed to be the Torch’s final demise, but it was far from it. Many Avengers have been killed and resurrected over the years, but this was a pivotal death given that it was the birth of the Vision.

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This was “explained” years later. Immortus / Kang the Conqueror divided the Human Torch into “chronic duplicates”, and the one Ultron used to create the Vision was just one of those duplicates. This kind of death confusion is also common with Torch’s former partner, Toro, who has been explained as an android, an Inhuman, and just an ordinary superhuman multiple times over the years. They also killed him and his body was manipulated several times.

8 Iron Man could have rebuilt the vision every time


Vision famously died during Avengers disassembled by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch when a violent She-Hulk tore him in two. A new Vision emerged from the Young Avengers through the Iron Lad’s living armor, but was later killed by the Iron Lad himself.

Some time after that, the Vision resurfaced as a member of the Avengers years after his death during Unmounted. Apparently Iron Man could have rebuilt it at any time and for some reason he did it randomly.

7 The world forgetting all about the sentinel and the blue wonder

Blue marvel flying down

The reconfiguration of characters is, as already mentioned, a very tense concept. In the case of Sentry and Blue Marvel, it’s very hard to believe that the entire world simply forgot two of the most powerful beings that ever lived.

Sentry’s disappearance from memory was explained as Mr. Fantastic used a machine to clear everyone’s mind only to have it just disappear. This tests suspension of disbelief on its own, but it’s worse with Blue Marvel. He was ordered to stop being a hero in the 1960s, and the government worked to remove his legacy, but it seems a bit difficult that this has never emerged in the intervening 40 years of Marvel history.

6 Sabretooth, Deadpool and Doctor Doom have been avengers

Saber-Toothed Avengers Strange

Winter Soldier, Wolverine, and Black Widow have killed many times but became Avengers, but all, at one point or another, were brainwashed against their will. The same cannot be said for Sabretooth, Deadpool, and Doctor Doom.

Sabretooth was a fierce assassin who was allowed to join the team after his morale changed during the AXIS event by Rick Remender, Jim Cheung, Leinil Francis Yu, Adam Kubert and Terry Dodson. That still doesn’t spare the countless lives Sabretooth has ended for fun. Deadpool was a hit man until he became an Avenger. Doctor Doom, of course, is a famous despot who has ended countless lives. Despite this, everyone just accepted them as Avengers and even trusted them as part of the team. This makes little sense given the moral codes of people like Captain America and it really seems like it would hurt their public perception, although that last detail is of less importance in recent years.

5 What happened to Killraven being brought into the present?

Killraven is a character from an alternate Earth that was conquered by the Martians. He is a barbarian hero similar to John Carter who wields a sword against the Martian invaders. However, during one of Kang the Conqueror’s escapades, Killraven was accidentally brought to Earth-616.

This has never been rectified. He has been on this Earth for years and has only been seen once since then in a mental ward by the Winter Soldier, who left him there for some reason.

4 Wonder Man’s disappearance for a decade is quietly forgotten

Wonder Man was originally a member of Masters of Evil who apparently died, only to appear a decade later and become a member of the Avengers. When this initially happened, it caused Wonder Man to jump from the 1960s to the 1970s. This has not really been mentioned again in the more recent comics.

It is unclear if the implication is that Simon Williams died in the 1960s and is only just waking up in the more recent decade or if this man who dresses like a 1960s actor is to be assumed to be actually from the 1960s. 1990 or 2000 at this time. That said, Wonder Man doesn’t appear much anymore.

3 The changing parenthood of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

Wanda and Pietro pose on the cover of The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver first appeared as part of Magneto’s first team, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. They later joined the Avengers and have been heroes (mostly) ever since. It was learned that they were raised by the Maximoff family and spent some time with the High Evolutionary on Wundagore Mountain, and it was later revealed that Magneto was their father.

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However, this has been reconsidered more recently by the revelation that they are only superhumans that were created by the High Evolutionary. They were never mutants despite being in the Brotherhood and the events of House of M by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel that seem to reinforce his mutant character.

two Black Panther and Moon Knight have raised Mjolnir

Moon Knight Mjolnir Avengers

Even though the enchantment on Mjolnir seems to allow only those who are worthy to lift it, both Black Panther and Moon Knight have lifted it in the last year.

Moon Knight is a man who has committed horrible acts of violence and brutality, and Black Panther is not a saint either, having done some cruel and bloody things in his role as head of state. Despite this, Moon Knight was able to lift Mjolnir because “Uru is from a moon” and Black Panther was able to lift him because Mjolnir recognizes the Panther Totem. Neither really makes sense.

1 Where is the Hyperion of the Avengers world team?

Hyperion Avengers

During the Jonathan Hickman Avengers running, a Hyperion from another world joined the team and became a trusted member. He even became close friends with Thor. He later joined a Supreme Squad made up of members from various worlds who sought revenge on the Illuminati for destroying their worlds. It also appeared during Secret empire by Nick Spencer and Andrea Sorrentino.

However, he has not been seen since. This is most puzzling with the arrival of the Supreme Squad of America, a team of clones created and controlled by Phil Coulson. Despite all of this, there hasn’t been a peep from Hyperion or any of the other surviving members of that previous Squadron Supreme lineup.

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