The Animal crossing The series consistently delivers an upbeat tone and gameplay that is as much about building community as it is about friendship. While the life simulator is worlds away from the cryptic lore that often fascinates players in Soulslike games and other titles, there are still unanswered questions in Animal crossing, although most are much more whimsical in nature than in other games. New Horizons continues to deliver new content and events at a steady pace, but fans may have to wait indefinitely for certain mysteries of the franchise to be revealed.

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Some of the apparent mysteries of Animal Crossing: New Horizons actually, they have answers that were provided in other games in the series. Animal Crossing: Wild World provided the origin of why Blathers hates insects, and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer addresses how Tom Nook uses all the winnings he makes from players.

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As a series that primarily focuses on engaging gameplay and endearing characters, the lore behind these aspects may be more of an afterthought. Still, for gamers exercising critical thinking even in idyllic communities of Animal crossing, some puzzling questions remain.

Animal Crossing Mystery: Who sends the balloons?

Unanswered Animal Crossing Mysteries: Shoot a Balloon with a Slingshot Animal Crossing New Horizons

It is always advisable for players to have a slingshot ready in their inventory at ACNHand be alert to the telltale sound of the wind or a moving shadow that indicates a present in the air tied to a balloon. Taking down these floating gifts can result in all sorts of bizarre acquisitions, from Bells in-game currency to a fully functioning bidet, somehow squeezed into a tiny box. In the same way, while shaking the trees, players may find more of the expected wasp sticks and nets, as a “leaf” could fall, representing the visual cue for a wide variety of furniture and clothing.

These strange phenomena beg the question: who packs these items into boxes and sends them on hot air balloon rides, and how do these items get into the trees? On Animal crossing Gift-giving is an important mechanic in the series and helps develop relationships with the animals on a player’s island. It’s unclear why gift-wrapped packages are being shipped in balloons in droves, or why hiding sundries in treetops has become all the rage, and so far there seem to be no answers to this particular mystery.

Animal Crossing Mystery: Who is Zipper T. Bunny, really?

Unanswered Animal Crossing Mysteries - Zipper T Bunny Animal Crossing New Horizons

Holiday events rank high among real-time related events that New Horizons offers to keep players engaged. The Easter-themed Bunny Day event stands out from the rest, simply because its associated pet character, Zipper T. Bunny, annoys a lot of players. Zipper has an obvious zipper on his back, an indication that his appearance is a costume worn by another character, not his actual body. When the player tries to see Zipper’s back in New Horizons, he will tell them to stop, since, “Kinda spoils the magic, you know? “For many players, Zipper evokes the atmosphere of animatronic nightmares from Five nights at Freddy’s, more than other’s plush charm Animal crossing characters.

While Zipper has always denied that his body is a disguise in various Animal crossing games, his insistence fails. Animal Crossing: New Leaf included a dialogue associated with the Zipper amiibo that “Camping gives Zipper a chance to finally get out of that stuffy old costume … they tell us in no uncertain terms that it is NOT a costume. “Players have developed many fan theories as to who is inside Zipper’s costume, but most have been discredited, as almost all of the prominent selling NPCs and villagers who are likely to be suspicious can be found in a different location than himself. time that Zipper organizes Bunny Day … If the zipper on his back is not indicative of a costume, then there is an equally compelling mystery there, but in any case, Zipper remains tight-lipped on this feature.

Animal Crossing Mystery: Who’s Making Forged Art?

Animal Crossing Mysteries Unanswered - Redd Animal Crossing New Horizons Forged Art Picture

When CJ the beaver or Flick the chameleon visit a player’s island in New Horizons, will offer the option of ordering sculptures of fish or insects. CJ’s dialogue confirms that Flick is the artist responsible for both types of sculptures, as he is CJ’s business partner. This provides a clear answer as to the origin of these elaborate effigies, but a bigger question remains, thanks to the presence of Jolly Redd and her murky art sales. Redd the fox will periodically dock on the island and sell a variety of fine art items, most of which are fakes, as Blathers will sadly reveal to the player. Some of the art is confirmed to be legitimate, which begs the question: how is Redd getting access to so many artistic masterpieces, and who is responsible for making all the fakes?

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Like other wings of the museum, the art gallery adds education to the game, with bits of information about real-world art. Guides are available to help players spot the differences between real and fake art in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The fakes tend to be identical recreations with one key difference: in most cases, and although the museum will not display the fakes, players can choose to display them at home or around the island. There is no obvious answer to how Redd has gained access to so many priceless treasures, or who is creating the surrogate art.

Counterfeiting seems beyond the scope of Redd’s talents as he struggles to discuss any art in a coherent way, beyond the generalities that it is “Very detailed. “Every villager in New Horizons You are a DIY enthusiast, but forged art involves a different kind of skill. Telltale signs that copies are forgeries may indicate some guilt on the part of the counterfeiter, leaving obvious clues for an expert to spot to distinguish counterfeits from the real deal. Flick may also be the craftsman behind the forged art, perhaps explaining how he gets the Bells to support his obsession with insects, as he handsomely overpays the player for mistakes when he visits. The official source of New Horizons’ The influx of forged art remains a mystery, today.

Many other mysteries remain in Animal Crossing

Unanswered Animal Crossing Mysteries - Sahara Mysterious Flooring

The world of Animal crossing follows its own unique logic, so players can have their own observations that lead to lingering questions. Some may wonder why an island contains such a wealth of fossils and why they seem to constantly replenish themselves. With the Resident Services building open 24 hours a day, when does Tom Nook sleep and where do Timmy and Tommy go after their stores close? Lazy villagers like Stu the bull and Daddy the horse can question the entire economic structure of Tom Nook’s business model and ponder whether they are in a complex simulation. A player can choose to take it all in stride or choose the logic of Animal Crossing: New HorizonsBut for most, the questions add to the game’s charm and excitement for new updates that could unravel some of the wacky mysteries that remain.

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