Eboni K. Williams had to educate the cast of The Real Housewives of New York about the microaggressions LuAnn de Lesseps was sporting.

Eboni K. Williams took The real housewives of New York to school in a recent episode after the lawyer had to report LuAnn de Lesseps’ microaggressions. A trip to the Hamptons included a much-needed life lesson on “white fragility “ Y “microaggressions “ shown by cast members. The scene comes after Eboni warned viewers about the tough scenes ahead this season.

With RHONY choosing its first black housewife in a year that included nationwide protests against racial injustice, heated debates are expected this season. Eboni is an HBCU graduate, licensed attorney, and renowned news analyst. He made his start on the show more than qualified to defend himself when he got involved in a verbal dispute with any of the women. Not only has she helped add more diversity to the cast, but viewers have seen her educate the cast on aspects of the black experience in America. During the women’s recent trip to the Hamptons, a series of comments forced Eboni to clarify to some of her co-stars when it comes to spouting words to people of color.

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In a recent episode, the Tenure court The host mentioned the microaggressions she encountered with some of her co-stars during her trip to the Hamptons. The reference is used when someone makes indirect, subtle, or inadvertent discrimination against members of a marginalized group. This was shown a lot during the trip after Leah McSweeney got a pass when she got angry that Ramona Singer judged her for talking about sex. Leah responded by calling all the women “hoes “ and lashing out. When a discussion about education came up, Eboni reminded the women that she had the highest level of education in the group, LuAnn was offended and during the exchange, she and Ramona referred to Eboni as a “angry woman “.

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When Eboni brought this up and also brought up Leah’s actions compared to hers, Ramona stood up for Leah by raising her ailing grandmother even though Eboni was also going through the same experience. “You see that the goalpost moved again around the notion of who can mourn the loss of their grandmother and who cannot,” he added. Eboni said Well-informed person. “For me, it just reinforced what I had suspected, that is, I am not fully humanized for these women at the moment because they don’t give me the same compassion and empathy for my grandmother’s upcoming transition the way they did with Leah.” , He said. for me they don’t see me as fully human. That is very clear to me. ”

While Heather Thompson was on Eboni’s side defending her, she made references to Blacks’ understanding of the struggle due to the amount of time she spent with people of color. However, later that day, he told Eboni that he was “articulate“and added, “I don’t know if anyone has ever said that to you.While talking to Leah, Eboni laughed at Heather showing a microaggression. LuAnn apologized to Eboni and the onlookers watched them make amends. But it seems like the RHONY The cast has a lot to learn. Good thing Eboni is here to save the day.

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