When people started playing Sword Art Online, they thought it would be a fun game with new technology. Unfortunately, gamers would find themselves trapped in a digital world for years. Anyone who died in the game would also die in real life.

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To escape the game, players would have to face a series of difficult bosses. The mortal bosses managed to kill some of the players before Kirito finally defeated the final boss. Many of the bosses were powerful and intimidating threats. Hoping to be free, players would willingly risk their lives to fight bosses.

10 Wadjet, the flaming serpent, can produce various deadly swords

Floor manager

Wadjet was located on the eighth floor of New Aincrad. The boss had seven bars of hit points. Shaped like a snake, the flaming monster could produce minions to aid in battle.

The name Wadjet comes from the Egyptian goddess of childbirth. The boss was capable of randomly producing semi-transparent swords. Once Wadjet takes a large amount of damage, the snake’s tail curls up and begins repeatedly hitting enemies. Ice is one of the boss’s biggest weaknesses.

9 Irrational cube deals random damage

Floor manager

Located on the sixth floor of Aincrad, The Irrational Cube is a large puzzle cube that has nine squares on each side. Each square is assigned a number, from one to nine. This boss’s attacks deal random damage based on the numbers.

The cube’s movements are accelerated when the cube is close to being defeated. After the large cube is hit, it explodes into a multitude of smaller cubes which must then be defeated.

8 Asterius, the Taurus king, was defended by two henchmen

Sword Art Online Floor Boss

In the beta version of the game, players like Kirito had to face Baran the General Taurus. After the first floor boss was changed, everyone would have expected changes to the second floor boss as well.

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Baran, the original boss of the second floor, was revealed to be a subordinate of the much tougher Asterius the Taurus King. Asterius was defended by Baran and another henchman. Players had to defeat all three to continue in the game.

7 The four-armed giant could be immobilized with the right blow


Located on the twenty-seventh floor of New Aincrad, the anonymous chief carried two different weapons. In two of his arms, he carried two large hammers. The other arms carried a large chain.

Every time the hammers hit the ground, the boss froze for a few seconds. A blow to the back of the neck could also render the boss immobile. Using the boss’s weaknesses allowed players to defeat the big monster.

6 The Skull Reaper was made of razor sharp bones

Floor manager

The Skull Reaper was located in a maze on the 75th floor of Aincrad. Looking like a skeletal insect, the multiple sharp bones could easily cut through enemies. The boss could knock down players with a single hit.

Before being defeated, the boss killed fourteen high-level players. If it hadn’t been for Asuna’s quick actions, the boss would have killed Kirito as well. His swift movement allowed the boss to avoid enemy attacks while dangerously attacking others.

5 Illfang The Kobold Lord killed a beta tester

Floor manager

Illfang was the head of the first floor of Aincrad. Aided by various henchmen, the beta testers believed they knew exactly how to defeat the boss. Unfortunately, no one knew that the boss’s attack patterns had been altered.

Diavel, a beta tester, attempted to defeat Illfang using some unique knowledge from his first game. When Illfang turned and attacked Diavel, the former beta tester became the first to die during a boss battle.

4 The glowing eyes forced Kirito to reveal his double wielding ability

Gleam Eyes fights with Kirito

Located on the seventy-fourth floor of Aincrad, the boss was discovered by Asuna and Kirito. As the boss tried to attack the duo, they fled to gather the allies they would need to defeat The Gleam Eyes.

For the first time, players found a boss room where they couldn’t teleport. Using his giant sword, he was able to kill some of the people attacking him. When he nearly killed Kirito, he forced him to publicly use his double wielding ability for the first time.

3 The black minotaur could regain health by meditating

Floor manager

The Black Minotaur, along with the Golden Minotaur, guarded the third floor of Thrymheim. The creature would use a giant battle ax. When the monster’s health drops below a certain level, the monster retreats and begins to meditate.

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As he meditated, the Black Minotaur would begin to regain health. During this time, the attacking players have to deal with the Black Minotaur’s partner. The monster had great resistance to magic and its nose was its biggest weak point.

two An incarnation of radius could instantly heal

Floor manager

This boss is somehow modeled after human women. Designed to be the game’s original final boss, the monster would be replaced by the game’s developer. When the original programming was rediscovered, the boss would be used again.

Possessing a variety of attacks and weapons, the monster also possessed the ability to heal any damage taken during a fight. Seeming nearly invincible, it took a multitude of combined forces for players to finally defeat this specific boss.

1 Heathcliff was the final boss of Aincrad

sword art heathcliff

Heathcliff was the name used by Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of Sword Art Online. Upon becoming a highly respected member of the Blood Knights guild, Heathcliff was the final boss of the game. Under most circumstances, he was invulnerable to most forms of death within the game.

When exposed by Kirito, he deactivated his invulnerability. During a previous match, Heathcliff only managed to defeat Kirito by cheating. Kirito’s final battle with Heathcliff would determine the fate of many.

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