Joao Franco hasn’t appeared on Below Deck Med since season four, but he still wows fans. He brought both drama and heart while on the show.

Although Joao Franco has not appeared in Below the mediterranean deck Since season four, the former boatswain still wows fans to this day. Joao was an important part of the reality series when he was around, bringing drama and heart to the show. Viewers enjoyed seeing Joao’s love triangle between Brooke Laughton and Kasey Cohen, his feud with Hannah Ferrier, and how he would deal with season three petty officer Conrad Empson. Despite his many fights and feuds, Joao has always been a beloved member of Under Deck Med.

Viewers first met Joao as a sailor in season three. While he was known for his exceptional deck skills, he also created a love triangle with the stews on board. Joao began flirting with the third Kasey hotpot during the first episode of the third season, but he also showed some interest in the second Brooke hotpot. His relationship with Brooke became more frequent after he kissed her on a night off. Despite his messy love life, Captain Sandy loved Joao’s work ethic and even recommended him for the role of Captain at the end of season four.

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Today, fans are still enthralled by the former boatswain. While on the show, Joao was a handful. He constantly got under Conrad’s skin for acting like he was the boatswain while working on the megayacht Talisman Maiton. As a result of his feud with Conrad, Joao and the head chef, Hannah, didn’t always get along either. Playing on Brooke and Kasey’s feelings definitely didn’t improve Joao’s relationship with Hannah. But at the end of his final season, fans reached out to Joao as he showed some personal growth. Judging from a recent Reddit thread, some viewers wish him nothing but the best in his career.

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Joao Franco Hannah Ferrier Below deck

One fan wrote: “I liked the guy. Also, he seemed relatively genuine rather than trying to make a career out of being an aspiring influencer.and. “Another said”I understand why it is not to everyone’s liking. […] I think it is growing. From what I read, he is more humble about what he knows.“Several viewers saw Joao as someone who took his job seriously, despite acting like he knew everything. However, Joao clearly saw how he was on the show and didn’t like it, so he decided to make a change. Joao has also spoken out against Captain Sandy since leaving the series. He admitted that the two are no longer close and questions his motives when it comes to helping him in the boating industry. Joao for his skills on deck.

Despite some of the negative reactions Joao received during his time at Beneath the Med deck, viewers remain captivated by his presence both on and off screen. Not only did he face Captain Sandy in the press, but his past on the show is still memorable for fans. If there is someone from Below deck franchise that fans would want to return to, it would be Joao.

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