Loki’s variant with TVA doesn’t want to go back to the main MCU timeline, he says he can’t, and there’s a deep and emotional reason why.

At the end of Loki premiere episode, “Glorious Purpose”, the God of Mischief realized that he could no longer return to the main MCU timeline. On the surface, this could be read as he no longer wanted after learning that no matter what he did, he was always destined to lose in that timeline. However, there is a deeper and more poignant reason for its realization. Rather than a selfish decision, your decision to stay with the Time Variation Authority (TVA) is motivated by your connection to your family.

Despite the character’s death in Avengers: infinity war, Marvel Studios found a way to continue Loki’s story through the events of Avengers Endgame. During the Time of Heroes heist, Loki escaped with the Tesseract, deviating from the proper flow of events and violating the “Sacred Timeline”, and subsequently found himself arrested by the TVA. This means that the version of the antihero in Loki predates redemption, as he has yet to go through the journey that changed him as a person in the main timeline. However, the Asgardian prince knew his final destiny thanks to Agent Mobius M. Mobius, who showed him what the future was like for him in the Sacred Timeline, which ended with his death.

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The realization stunned Loki and knocked him down. Instead of his insistence on escaping from TVA, he lost interest in the idea as he realized that he could no longer return to the main MCU reality. It seems like a character decision, understandable considering that he had just discovered his failed alliance with Thanos in the Avengers would spell his death several years later in Infinity war. But other than staying safe, Loki saw no reason to go back to that timeline knowing that his entire family would die too. First, he saw his mother, Frigga, get killed in Thor: The Dark World. The shame of knowing that he led his killers directly to her might have been reason enough for him to stay with the TVA. Second, the cheater learned of Odin’s death in Thor: Ragnarok. Despite Odin and Loki’s less than ideal relationship, the Allfather acknowledges their love for both his children before his passing made it more painful. Finally, immediately after his own doom at the hands of Thanos, he was led to believe that Thor had also died when the Asgardian refugee ship exploded. Since Loki’s file ended with the explosion, there is no mention that the God of Thunder survived thanks to the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Frigga talking to her son Thor.

Discovering not only his fate, but the fate of his family, in the Sacred Timeline was enough to make Loki abandon his defenses and finally be honest with Mobius. In the end, the cheater, who was adamant in maintaining an arrogant and frivolous front, finally admitted why this is so. Loki explained that he is essentially projecting a ruthless person by stoking fear in hopes of regaining control over his life. It was so misunderstood and, after the events of the original Thor, he felt even more marginalized. However, his reaction to their deaths shows that despite his attempts to sabotage Thor and Odin, as well as his cold treatment of Frigga, he loves them.

In hindsight, this is what makes Loki such an endearing character in the end. Their tantrums and hisses have been cries for help; he desperately wanted to be seen and appreciated, especially by his family. It didn’t help that Odin always pitted his sons against each other, knowing full well that Loki would never be king or be seen as an equal. By showing your life, Loki It sped up and compressed the Infinity Saga character’s redemption arc, but that doesn’t mean the God of Mischief is now completely overhauled. It’s still chaotic and mischievous, but since TVA is hunting an evil variant of itself, the organization can use some of Loki’s mischief.

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