Magical abilities can sometimes be immeasurable in D&D, but sometimes players can accomplish powerful feats of magic. Within the world of D&D, there is a limit to the magic that mortals can achieve, and in turn, players have only limited access to magic in D&D in the rules as written. The highest level of magic that any magic caster could achieve are powerful ninth-level spells.

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Most players rarely get a chance to use level 9 spells, as it requires the magic caster to reach level 17 at the very least. However, when players reach that level of play in a high-level game, they will have access to formidable magic spells that could alter the fabric of reality if the players so choose.

10 Forecasting – look to the immediate future to gain an advantage

D&D, a magician who applies foresight to themselves

The only level 9 divination spell, Foresight, takes about a minute to cast, but lasts for 8 hours. The caster can use it on himself or another ally. The target cannot be surprised, it takes advantage of everything and anyone who attacks the target has the disadvantage.

This is the best way to ensure that a specific character does not die when entering a climactic battle. Having a general advantage is already useful. Everything else about this spell makes it even more useful.

9 Storm of Vengeance: When the druid is fed up with people playing with nature

D&D: a ship caught in a massive storm

This powerful spell that only strangely known druids and bards can access, but which is a different discussion, is the culmination of all the destructive forces of nature. The radius of this spell is 360 feet and lasts for a full minute.

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The spell goes through several rounds, changing to different types of storms, starting with a deafening thunderstorm, then progressing to acid rain, lightning, then hail, and then ending with strong winds with freezing rain. An intense spell that would challenge any player.

8 True Polymorph – For those moments when players want to turn their enemies into chairs

D&D a huge and magical T-Rex Roars

Polymorph is useful in many scenarios. Sometimes players need to turn their enemies into frogs. Sometimes players need to turn their allies into T-Rexes. Regardless of the definitive version of this spell is True Polymorph.

Interestingly, it is the only polymorph that allows players to transform creatures into objects. It’s a fun spell to use to immobilize enemies or have a new perk that turns allies into powerful creatures.

7 Mass Heal – can help turn the tide in any battle

D&D A cleric who uses mass heal in the middle of a battle

Perhaps the most useful healing spell in Dungeons and Dragons, Mass Heal allows the caster to restore up to 700 hit points to any creature within 60 feet. The spell also heals any disease or effect that has rendered the character blind or deaf.

It’s a simple spell, and there’s not much to alter reality, but being able to distribute 700 hit points is incredibly powerful. For a standard group of 5, assuming they are all level 17, 700 hit points should be enough to heal everyone to the maximum if they all had 1 hit point.

6 Meteor swarm: this spell would be the definition of hype

D&D Meteor Swarm in a fantasy castle

When players think of a powerful level 9 spell, this is likely one of the first to think of it. Meteor Swarm is the strongest version of Fireball that a launcher could pull off for all intents and purposes.

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The spell has a range of 1 mile, a sphere radius of 40 feet, and deals a total of 20d6 fire damage and 20d6 bludgeoning damage to any creature that fails its dexterity saving throw. All described as a massive meteor shower on any creature caught in the blast radius.

5 Time Ravage – a twisted and evil spell created by Matt Mercer of all people

D&D A necromancer casting a powerful spell

Time Ravage appeared in the Wildemount Explorer’s Guide as one of the two level 9 spells that will appear. From the name alone it implies that this spell is not something to tinker with.

Basically, it forces a creature to age rapidly in an instant. On a failed constitution save, the target takes 10d12 necrotic damage, ages to the point where they only have 30 days to live. The target is at a disadvantage in everything while in this state. With Limited it was to revere this effect, this makes the spell even more devastating.

4 Time stop: you need a little more time with this

D&D A wizard in Ravica using his machine to stop time

Potentially one of the most practical ninth level spells, Time Stop, as the name suggests, stops time. The Pitcher stops time for everyone except themselves. From there, they have roughly 1d4 + 1 turns in a row in which they can act and move normally.

It allows them to potentially have 5 full turns to perform any feats they wish, as long as they do not affect any other creatures during this time. It may not sound that great, but this spell works best when combined with other spells like Delayed Fireball. Using this spell in conjunction with other spells is where the true power lies.

3 Power Word Kill: Need someone dead in an instant? So this is the spell to have

D&D Halster BlackClaok stands in front of his many enemies

A popular spell among many villains, particularly liches, this spell is the ultimate spell for most. It is simple but absolutely devastating. The spell has a range of 60 feet. The Launcher aims at a target, utters a single word, and if the target has less than 100 hit points, they are instantly killed.

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No saving throws, no death saving throws, total death. This spell is best used for the final climactic battles of the campaign, and being able to kill someone instantly would make the entire table gasp.

two Imprisonment: Anything that lasts for “until it dissipates” is quite powerful

D&D Large Titan Imprisoned in Chains

A unique spell is likely to be used when you need to catch the BBEG or an ancient evil. Regardless, this spell is particularly good at making sure the target never leaves. The spell creates a magical restriction through a large burial or massive chains restricting the target.

The spell ends under a certain condition that has to be reasonable or fulfilled. So theoretically the spell could end if 100,000,000 sunsets occur or if the character’s real name is spoken by the descendant of the royal family. The caster’s imagination only limits him at that point.

1 Wish: anything the player can ask for, but at a high cost

D&D an old wizard using everything they have to cast a wish

The most infamous level 9 spell in 5E. This spell alters reality at the caster’s whim. Do you need government policies to drastically change? Use desire. Do you need the evil necromancer never learned to read? Use Wish. The spell is only limited to Casters’ imagination.

However, there are many caveats about this spell. First of all, the caster needs to be specific and as precise as possible, as the DM could easily distort the meaning of the spell if he so wishes. Second, the spell has a brutal effect on the caster, essentially immobilizing him for several days. Lastly, there is a 33% chance that the spell will never work again, but when it works, oh man, this spell works wonders.

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