Having to walk through an area in silence so as not to attract the attention of the monsters around them is something that makes the worlds of A quiet place, part II, Y Army of the dead quite similar. One movie sees the Abbott family trying to survive against alien creatures, while the other focuses on a core group fighting zombies.

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The group that is created and sent to Las Vegas to defeat the zombies has a certain set of skills, and many of them would work well within the environment of A peaceful place. Having to be quiet, be creative, and have the ability to adapt are crucial skills for survival, and many characters in Army of the dead have those, while many others lack that department.

10 Could Survive: Marianne Peters

Marianne prepares helicopter in Army of the Dead

Something that is crucial to be able to survive in the world of A peaceful place is being able to play with things. Having a keen eye and brain to make things out of thin air is something that can save a life, as evidenced by the amazing work the Abbott family puts to the test of their barn in the original film.

This is where Marianne would be great as she is excellent at salvaging things, which is notable for the way she finally gets the damaged helicopter to actually work. These skills would help her tremendously and could make the difference between life and death.

9 Couldn’t survive: Martin

Garret Dillahunt as Martin in Army of the Dead

To be able to truly survive inside A peaceful place, people have to work together and show teamwork. This is never clearer than when Emmett decides to help the Abbott family, something of which he is initially unsure. However, this would not be the same situation with Martin.

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He is a selfish person who thinks of himself above others, and that would be costly for him in this situation. While you could be self-employed for a time, eventually your inability to work with someone would cost you dearly.

8 Could I survive: Lily

Nora Arnezeder as Lily in Army of the Dead

Lily, better known as El Cayote, is one of the strongest characters in the film. He perfectly understands the world of zombies, and is well aware that sometimes it is better to be silent, rather than deadly and that can work well in A peaceful place.

Your decision to try to keep quiet, out of the way, is something that will serve you well if the aliens are around. In addition, he is someone with experience in survival, especially in difficult situations that are due to the frequency with which he enters Las Vegas and stays alive.

7 Couldn’t survive: the queen

The Queen crouches to attack in Army of the Dead

When it comes to power and fighting ability, The Queen is one of the strongest characters in this movie. He is someone who has a lot of protection, but he is also a character who is not anywhere near as smart as the others, and therefore would not survive.

She is a loud character and one who will happily squeal and make noise for all to hear. This would cause her problems, despite her strength, as the alien creatures are too much for her.

6 Could survive: Vanderohe

Vanderohe holds a saw on her shoulder in Army of the Dead

Vanderohe may not always be friends with other people, but he’s happy to accept anyone who shows respect and works hard, which he shows through his friendship with Ludwig. That ability to demonstrate teamwork is something you could do well.

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On top of that, Vanderohe is one of the best fighters within the movie, and he could probably put those skills to good use. He himself has a creative weapon, and that is something that shows what he could do in the crisis.

5 Couldn’t Survive: Ludwig Dieter

Matthias Schweighofer as Dieter in Army of the Dead

When it comes to Army of the dead Ludwig Dieter is easily the funniest character, and that’s what makes him such a popular element of the movie. However, although he is loved by the public, in A peaceful place, sadly would fight to survive.

He only manages to deal with the zombies, and that is mainly due to the other characters around him. However, in this situation, he would have to spend time alone, in silence, which is not a strong suit of this talkative character.

4 Could it survive: Cameras

Cameras with a gun in Army Of The Dead

Chambers is fast and agile and they are excellent skills in a world where you spend every day being chased by huge alien creatures. She would be able to duck and dive out of any situation that might be keeping her alive.

These are abilities that none of the other characters really have in Army of the dead. She’s fearless too, having no trouble getting into the thick of the action, which is similar to how Evelyn Abbott ends up becoming.

3 Couldn’t Survive: Burt Cummings

Burt scolds Geeta and Kate in Army of the Dead

Burt Cummings is a horrible person in Army of the dead, and that finally costs him. Within A peaceful place, I would find exactly the same problems, since he is a character who thinks he has all the answers, but knows very little.

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He is not a tough character and fighting is not his strong suit at all. Also, it shows no signs of having plans or being able to create things and that is something that is crucial within A peaceful place.

two Could Survive: Scott Ward

Scott Ward shooting in Army Of The Dead

There’s a reason Scott Ward is assigned the leadership role of this group, and it’s because he has the overall package in a crisis. Strong and fierce, but he is also capable of making a plan and showing creativity in any situation, quickly changing things to suit a situation.

That would allow you to adjust to any issue and stay level-headed throughout the process, which is crucial. He may not be able to create things, but Scott shows that he can survive in any situation, plus he’s not afraid to make incredibly difficult decisions when necessary.

1 Couldn’t Survive: Kate Ward

Kate Ward Army of the Dead

While her father would have the ability to survive, that situation would not happen for Kate. She is a smart character and one who could probably put together a plan to try and stay alive. However, Kate is not particularly skilled, which is shown in Army of the dead.

However, the biggest problem that comes with Kate in terms of living in A peaceful place it is the fact that it is unpredictable and quick to act. He often runs away and does his thing, despite telling others something else, and in the world of A peaceful place, a decision like that can be expensive.

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