Former bachelor Nick and his new girlfriend Natalie took a big step forward in their relationship when they brought home a bundle of four-legged joy.

It is well known that the former leader of The Single Nick Viall’s past has been difficult, but now he is in a happy relationship and has taken a big step forward by adopting a puppy with his girlfriend, Natalie Joy. There’s nothing that says commitment like having a pet together, and Nick and Natalie’s new four-legged bundle of joy indicates that the couple see a future together.

Nick participated in two seasons of High school and then he was chosen to be the leader of the 21st season of The Bachelor. Although Nick’s relationships within Single The nation collapsed, things seem to be progressing with him and Natalie. The couple kept their relationship a secret for many months, but eventually The BachelorNick and Natalie became Instagram officials in January. Since then, the couple have been traveling, hitting the red carpet, and even appear to be living together. Nick and Natalie have felt much more comfortable being seen together in public, and it seems like things are getting serious.

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Shortly after The BachelorWhen Nick and Natalie returned from their Hawaii vacation, the couple revealed a new addition to their family on Instagram. Nick posted a selfie with Natalie and her new puppy, Jeff, with the caption “Family man.The couple have already posted multiple photos of Jeff on their two Instagram accounts and have even created an account just for Jeff called “The Road Jeff Traveled.” The adorable curly-haired pup (probably a Doodle of sorts) seems to be settling in well with his new family.

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A lots of Single Nation alumni commented on Nick and Natalie’s new dog. “You have the same hairWells Adams joked. The BachelorAshley Iaconetti, who had a double date with Nick and Natalie, added “WWithout even seeing the caption, I said out loud what a cute family!The puppy eyes that Jeff the dog gives off could melt even the coldest hearts, and it’s no wonder Nick’s fans raved about the puppy in the comment section as well.

Although many of the people who have passed through The Bachelor They are married with children, Nick seems happy to take it a little slower with Natalie. But that doesn’t mean your relationship isn’t progressing; Adopting a pet together is a big step for Nick and Natalie. Many fans have been undecided about the pair due to their significant age difference; however, it is hard not to support them when they have a fluffy bundle of joy in their arms.

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Fountain: Nick Viall / Instagram

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