Some of the most feared enemies to encounter in any campaign would be the chaotic and insanely evil Demon Lords of the Abyss. Across the D&D multiverse, many dangerous and sinister forces want to destroy the material plane. One group of demons that are worshiped and feared throughout the realms are the Demon Lords.

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Demon Lords rule specific layers in the infinite Abyss. Each Demon Lord is the embodiment of some evil chaotic ideal or way of life. Demon Lords rule with an iron fist and will often fight the Devil’s rulers of the Nine Hells. Make no mistake – these Demon Lords are to be feared and offer an excellent challenge for high-level adventures.

10 Kostchtchie- The Imprisoned Demon Lord of the Ice Giants

a picture of the kostchtchie

Kostchtchie is not as powerful as before. Kostchtchie is the Demon Lord of the ice giants and rage. Those who pray or sacrifice to Kostchtchie can receive not only his blessing, but he will join those who prayed to him in battle to defeat their enemy. The caveat is that anyone who had received help from Kostchtchie would go mad with rage and eventually serve the Demon Lord in the Abyss.

At this point, although Kostchtchie is imprisoned in the Nine Hells by Zariel, so Kostchtchie is not as dangerous as the other demon lords if he is released, Kostchtchie is a force to be reckoned with.

9 Juiblex: a giant pile of exudate that just wants everything to be exudate

Juiblex being attacked by Zuggtmoy

Known as The Faceless Lord, Juiblex is an obnoxious-looking Demon Lord. Juiblex is a swirl of green and black slime with piercing red eyes. Juiblex often doesn’t have many worshipers, as those who worship Juiblex eventually end up oozing.

A powerful enemy like Juiblex can scale on any surface, has limited spellcasting, and can eject parts of itself onto the battlefield to attack other party members. All things considered, an exceptionally disgusting and dangerous Demon Lord.

8 Yeenoghu- The Gnoll Lord who does not negotiate under any circumstances

Zariel before his fall fighting Yeenoghu

Yeenoghu is often referred to as the origin of the Gnolls, based on the source material. The ultimate hunter among the Demon Lords, Yeenoghu loves nothing more than hunting his prey with a herd of loyal hyenas by his side.

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Yeenoghu wishes to spread slaughter and destruction in all kingdoms. Many Gnolls serve this Demon Lord and would follow his every whim if requested. This Demon Lord would be a powerful adversary to add to any Demon Hunt campaign.

7 Rakdos – The best entertainer, so you better know some good jokes

Rakdos dominating his cult

One of the Lesser Demon Lords, Rakdos, only cares about the thrill of entertainment. He is the lord of hedonism and often his followers will go out of their way to entertain their lord. Rakdos often resides in his lair and only shows up when he wants, ensuring that his fans put on incredible shows and performances constantly.

With a flaming scythe and powerful spell abilities, Rakdos is feared in all realms. He’s seen thousands upon thousands of performances, so if you ever find him an adventure group. Your bard is better prepared for the performance of their lives.

6 Graz’zt- Strangely enough, the most beautiful of demon lords

Tasha chatting with Graz'zt in her mirror

Graz’zt, surprisingly, appears as a “perfect figure of Indomitable Desire” and is the Lord of Pleasure. Graz’zt may not appear as intimidating or grotesque as the other Demon Lords, but it should be avoided anyway.

Graz’zt focuses on luring his followers into indulgence and debauchery and often blackmails people into joining his cult. However, if provoked, Graz’zt is not afraid to unleash a fury of violence against anyone who opposes him. However, a curious fact is that he has 6 fingers and toes instead of 5.

5 Baphomet – a demon lord with a focus on lifesavers and beasts

Attacking and unsuspecting party

Baphomet is the Demon Lord of beasts. Known as the Horned King and worshiped by many minotaurs, Baphomet worries about the lack of civilization. It will offer power to those who revoke their civilized ways.

Indulging in creating long mazes to catch heroes off guard, Baphomet loves to play with heroes before attacking them in the most savage way possible. Cull’s field bows could reside in a labyrinth of Baphomet’s design.

4 Fraz-Urb’luu- The Demon Lord who delights in deceiving heroes at all times

D&D: Fraz-Urb'luu landed in the Abyss

Fraz-Urb’luu is the Demon Lord of deception. Although it can appear as a huge gargoyle-like creature, many are unaware of its true form, as it is often hidden from its own followers. He specializes in creating these dream landscapes to catch adventures in which there is seemingly no escape.

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Fraz-Urb’luu would make an excellent BBEG, as he could be the mastermind behind whatever plot or campaign the party faces. The possibilities reveal to the player how this entire adventure, Fraz-Urb’luu, was pulling the strings the entire time.

3 Zuggtmoy: Every mushroom in D&D can serve this demon queen

D&D: Zuggtmoy posed in the Abyss

Often known as the Lady of Rot, Zuggtmoy is an alien-looking Demon Lord. Their follower list is often reluctant followers, as their mind-controlling spores infected them. Although not as powerful as the other Demon Lords, Zuggtmoy is a sinister foe to find.

Zuggtmoy is another type of Demon Lord behind the scenes. He often controls large groups of followers to do his bidding. The whole campaign could revolve around discovering your mind-controlled plan. Making players fear every mushroom they find.

two Orcus: the most powerful sorcerer of all the Demon Lords

D&D: Orcus sitting on his throne

Orcus is a unique Demon Lord, as his affinity for magic is unmatched by the other Demon Lords. He is the Lord of the Undead and wields the Wand of Orcus, which alone can put hundreds of undead beings at his service.

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Orcus is one of the more organized Demon Lords, as he often relies on his undead army to aid him in every battle. Having Orcus in a campaign would provide opportunities for large-scale battles with massive armies fighting Orcus’ undead onslaught.

1 Demogorgon – the most recognized but often misused Demon Lord

D&D: Demogorgon hunting its prey

The Prince of all Demons should be feared at my mere mention. The popularization of the television show Strange things leads many people to hear of Demogorgon. However, the Stranger Things version pales in comparison to Ruler of the Demons.

Demogorgon is a two-headed being of utter chaos. He seeks to corrupt all things in the multiverse and wants everything to be consumed by the infinite Abyss. All the other Demon Lords practically bowed to his presence and power. If the group ever encounters Demogorgon, the fight of their lives awaits them.

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