Hot on the heels of the trailer for the Marvel Guardians of the GalaxyWe’ve got a behind-the-scenes breakdown of the upcoming outer space adventure title to share with you. Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal were kind enough to give us a sneak peek, including footage from the game; an explanation of the story, characters, and mechanics of the developers; and a team question and answer session to reach the highest points. (We’ll have our own questions and answers soon, so stay tuned for questions that dig a little deeper.) Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy As cold as ice when it hits PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles this October 26, you might want to be at peace right now.

If you’re still here, great. Let’s get into all the things Guardians of the Galaxy, including this version’s inspiration for the title team and their designs for the game. That’s the first and most obvious here, but it bears repeating: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy It’s inspired by the comics, so don’t expect your favorite live-action MCU characters to have their faces or voices here. Square Enix is ​​taking a similar approach to its Marvel Avengers treatment of the starting team in the sense that they are their own, but, the big deviation is the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy It will be a story-driven, standalone, single-player campaign with limited branching narratives guided by player decisions. And that’s where we’ll start taking this beast down some more.

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Take a look at Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy with the Eidos-Montréal development team, your creative collaborator Bill Rosemann (Marvel Games Vice President Creative), and a special guest – award-winning comic book artist Dan Abnett.

Power up Star-Lord’s jet boots for a wild ride through the cosmos in this third-person action-adventure game, a remake of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. With unpredictable Guardians at your side, fight your way from one explosive situation to another, with original and iconic Marvel characters caught in a fight for the fate of the universe. You got it. Probably.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will arrive on October 26, 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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Story and characters

While the story here will be original, it will also be a fully formed narrative, start to finish, free of DLC and microtransactions. That means what you pay is exactly what you get; no more no less. You won’t have to “create your own story” and you won’t have to wait for future seasonal content or DLC to appear to experience the story arc. Everything will be there for you this October. And this is what it will entail:

The game’s story takes place several years after a great galactic war. The Guardians of the Galaxy, led by Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord, are a team of would-be heroes for hire trying to make a quick buck as they venture through space. A silly bet leads to “a very small accident” that snowballs into a potentially cataclysmic chain of events that will ultimately destroy the galaxy if those who caused it do not stop it. Pretty standard day for the Guardians of the Galaxy, really. At some point, they will be the last line of defense against a mysterious order that seeks to exterminate anyone who does not live up to their convictions … Stay tuned to find out more about what that means.

And while we look forward to hearing more about the villains in the piece, it’s worth mentioning here that, yes, you will be playing as Star-Lord throughout the game. That’s it, just Star-Lord, not the entire title team that gives the game its name. Why? Because the developers wanted players to experience the game as the “heart of the team” and the human part of the team, making it easy to identify them. He is also the leader, allowing players to more easily explore all relationships and conflicts between the team. That’s right.

Your time as Star-Lord will feature interactions with team members in exploration or combat, you can lead your team as you fight, and you can even use morale boosts to manage social interactions and cheer them on in combat. Like Peter Quill, you are part of every conversation and decision. That also means that when the choice is up to you, dear leader, what you choose will have consequences. Some characters will be furious at you if, for example, you have another team member throw them into an abyss or threaten to kill them … or sell them to the highest bidder.

Aside from Star-Lord, whose design is based on all things 80s from Peter’s childhood, you will lead the members of Team Gamora (a “badass” by design, wearing full tactical armor), Drax with his body signature brands that tell their unique life story, and Rocket and Groot, the dynamic duo whose design shares parts of each other’s aesthetics, such as Groot’s harness that allows Rocket to move more easily, and Rocket’s goatee braid that sports a small face of Groot. But the game also features plenty of Marvel Easter Eggs that range from the obvious to the dark, including Mantis, Lady Hellbender in Seknarf Nine, names from Maklu IV and Halfworld, and perhaps even a nod to the Dweller of Darkness. Who knows, there might even be a gelatinous cube or two in the mix. (Oh, and there’s also a blue flame in the game. Don’t worry, it’s by design. Probably).

How to play

The story and characters are great, but how is the game actually played? Well, you saw it in the recently released trailer and presentation from Marvel, Square Enix, and Eidos-Montreal, but we’ll break it down a bit more.

Honestly, the biggest selling point for theirs was the team joke found throughout the game that we got to see. Each member of the Guardians had their own strong personality and quirks; If you’ve seen the MCU movies or the animated series, or just read the comics, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That joke and the relationships between team members work great here, but if it’s not your type of humor, your welcome may wear off pretty quickly. Fortunately, it worked for me; There were some laugh-out-loud moments both on base and in the field, whether exploring or battling creatures and supervillains.

Before getting into combat, it’s worth mentioning that conversations are such an important part of the game. Great decisions and choices await you as the leader of the Gardeners Guardians of the Galaxy. While the beginning and ending of the game’s story will remain the same, there seems to be a lot of variation within the essence of the story itself, depending on how you answer some pretty loaded questions. So expect multiple matches if you want to see what happens if you stick with or backtrack on a decision you made earlier in the game. How much branching narrative there is remains to be seen, but it should generate hilarious, fun, and quite tense moments throughout the game.

Well, about that match. The Guardian banter continues throughout the fights, of course, and that’s a big part of the fun. You’ll be shooting yourself with your elemental energy weapons and other gadgets like Star-Lord, but you’re also the team leader here. You will have to boost the morale of your teammates and ask them for special attacks, such as Drax jumping on the back of a monstrous beast or Rocket throwing the biggest and most comical weapon we have ever seen. When the going gets really ugly, you can do a team attack by yelling “Snuggle up!”, Which plays back to the musical styles of various ’80s hits. The developer team has an’ amazing licensed soundtrack from the years 80 “including Kiss, Iron maiden, Wham!, blond, Pat benatar and more. (Whether those tracks are streamer-friendly or DMCA-free remains to be seen.)

Overall, the combat snippets we saw looked like fun, though the team dynamics, witty lines, and bizarre story twists proved to be scene-stealers so far. Oh, and the booking bonuses for Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy They include throwback group costumes, as well as special Star-Lord costume variants called Sun-Lord and City-Lord. It sounds like a lot of fun, so stay tuned to see what else we learn in the coming months.

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